Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

Find Sources with credible hyperlinks, and scientists cited.
I commented on my classmates websites on the credible sources page.
My cited website was approved by miss Baker, so if she thought it was good then I know it is credible.( the science daily one aout Caribou)
I recommended another credible source for Rachaels Blog post on the pychadelic fish.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
Correctly put the information into my own words, and explain in a more clear way than the original article.
My article on Caribou was a very recent article on the science daily website.
I comment on my classmates websites on the credible source page.
I wasnt sure exactly how the fish, the one Racheal talked about,swam
so i looked it up on the website
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

Cite useful and reliable sources
My Article on Caribou was approved by Miss Baker.
I comment on the credible source page after looking over the site proposed.
I recommende a website for Rachaels fish post.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
Put it on my wiki page, and show it to classmates in other free time.
I put some notes down on the bottom of the page for people to review them to make them perfect.
I commented onBrandons Post" race in science". People had the chance to debate with me.
I posted a blog post on Caribou speciation on my wiki(below). It was critizied by 3 of my class mates.
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

I will check with my Teachers at my school.

I am also attending a science conference in North Carolina where i can get Posts looked at.

Provide constructive
peer-review to
Check my classmates wiki pages frequently for new posts.
Comment on Peoples blog posts, and comment on the credible sources.
I commented on the "why we yawn" And the Science daily source.
I commented on Brandon's "race in science" post.
I critiqued Jordan's bad breath post.
I commented on Ian's post.
Discuss in-class

I will am going to try and relate my blog posts with subjects studied in class
Every night I place my notes onto the bottom of my wiki page(Scroll down).
My post on Caribou has to do with speciation. How to subspecies are now allowed to interbreed due to the reteat of a glacier.(look below)
Apply creativity
to work
I plan to make a little cartoon or animation to go along with a comment or post.
I made a short video about ancient Caribou speciation, I posted it on Google videos.

Hi, Im william. I like lacrosse and I like to eat crabs(I am from Maryland). Also, I think this video is very funny. So far this year my favorite subject in biology is when we learned about energy flow in the environment. The different levels of the food pyramid and how the energy flows through it. A very good diagram of this shows the different levels and amount of energy flowing through the different levels.


Woodland caribou - Caribou des bois by Indydan.
Woodland caribou - Caribou des bois by Indydan.

Short Video
Caribou speciation

In a recent science magazine molecular ecologist, Brian Weckworth published an article stating Alberta and British Columbia's mountain caribou populations are remnants of blending between the two major subspecies of caribou that likely occurred during the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. Weckworth stated that this new animal is special because it is a blend of both the Mountain Caribou and the Tundra Caribou. Also, what this proves is that the two different species weren’t really different. These species were subspecies. If they were two different species they would not have interbred.
Dr. Weckworth also goes on to say that the new subspecies basically has one half mountain, and one half tundra caribou genes in it. The separation in the first place was due a glacier impeding the migration of half of the population. When the glacier retreated 10,000 years ago, the subspecies were allowed to interbreed again. Because the amount of time that had passed was not enough for the species to totally separate, interbreeding was still possible.

How is this possible? What may be the Benefits of having half of both subspecies in one animal?

Justin: Great post Hoff! It pertains to in class discussion and is very interesting. I really like it. Your source is valid and your information is very informative. Nice job!

Jeremy: This is a great post that also relates to in class discussions. Good Job.

Hey William! Great post, I think that a blend of the two subspecies allows it to have an advantage over others. This is because this animal is able to live in two different types of environments with no problems. Although, would this make the new species infertile or would they be able to keep breeding with one another? Also, would they be able to breed with both of the two species they are made up of or just ones liek them?
Sam F: Good post will! Im glad you wrote a post that is related to what we are learning in class. your hyperlinks work and your source is valid so good job. some suggestions are to make it a little longer since it is very short and to add some creativty that is related to your post. Again good post will.

Notes from 2-2-09
Charles Darwin

· Darwin began to question the belief that the earth was young based on geographical evidence.
· He noted the unity and diversity in living organisms.
· He concluded that animal and plant characteristics fit the environment they live in.
· Years after his return, he heard that Alfred Russell Wallace had developed a similar theory to his own.
· November 24, 1859 Darwin publishes THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.
What is evolution? There are two main points
· Present day organisms are descendents of ancestral species that are different from the modern species.
· The main mechanism for this evolutionary process is NATURAL SELECTION.
o Populations can change over generations if individuals that posses certain heritable traits leave more offspring than other individuals.
o Nature “selects” individuals that are most fit for the environment.
First video
Natural selection needs

· Genetic variation
o A gene HAS to be heritable, if random animal may not fit environment
· overproduction of offspring
o So when some of the offspring die there are more.
· struggle for existence
o Will aid evolution to make the individual more efficient at getting food and competing, natural selection can give you what you need, it can only select from what is already there.
· differential survival and reproduction
Second Video
· Evolution matters now because strands of viruses are evolving to work around the drugs.
Third video
· We know that evolution happens because of cellular evolution and fossils

2-3-09 bio notes
The Evidence of Evolution
· The fossil record supports evolution
· Biogeography is a way to recognize evolutionary relations on species by geographical location
· Morphology is a comparison among physical structures
· Vestigial structures- Homologous structures that may have had important functions in an ancestral species may have no clear function in some modern descendants.
· Similarities in development—they look the same in the womb
· Molecular data- with DNA you can determine relatedness between species

· Mitosis is the splitting of cells.
· The cells are 100% identical.
· The purpose f mitosis is to grow, repair, and develop.
· Cell division, if uncontrolled can lead to cancer.
· In cancer, the message in the DNA that makes the cell apoptosis is disabled.
· Most Mutations occur during an individual’s life and are not inherited.
· Cell divison does not stop, cancer cells if given a continual supply of nutrients are immortal.
· A mass of abnormal cells called a tumor forms.
· A benign- cells remain at the original site.
· Malicious tumor- cells have migrated away.

Bio notes 2-23-09
Speciation: How new species arise

What is a species? A species is a group whose members can interbreed and produce viable offspring.
If all life originated from a common ancestor…. then through reproductive isolation and evolution, two populations become so genetically dissimilar that they are no longer able to interbreed.
Prezygotic(no fertilization) reproductive isolation.
o Habitat isolation
§ The individuals are in a different place
o Temporal isolation
§ They are mating at a different time
o Behavioral isolation
§ When the individuals don’t like each other.
o Mechanical isolation
§ They don’t fit together
o Gametic isolation
§ Sperm doesn’t recognize the egg and vice versus
Postzygotic(after fertilization) reproductive isolation
o Reduced hybrid viability
o Reduced hybrid fertility
o Hybrid breakdown
Evolution of a species can occur with or without geographic isolation
o Allopatric speciation- with geographic isolation
o Sympatric speciation- without geographic speciation
§ Species results from the appearance of the new ecological niches or nonrandom mating