Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

I will review classmates source request.
I will give source ideas for class mates.
I have reviewed websites that my peers have requested.
I have suggested sources for my classmates.
I reviewed sites of a peers post and I found them reliable. of my posts on my wiki page(see below) are from reliable sources.
When i look for blog topics, I look for reliable websites, that are devoted to news in biology.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
I will write posts on news in biology.
I will comment on news written by my classmates.
I have written a post on the recent study showing that people who play as children can be benifited.
All of my posts use reliable sources see below.
When I wrote my posts i looked for reliable resources, and understood what the articles said, thus i could write a post on those topics.
I could explain the topic to my parents without having to look at the article.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I will write a post with credible sources.
I wrote a post from a credible website.
I wrote a post with using credible sources from
All of my pictures are from
When I wrote my posts I googled, what I was looking for, and try to stay away from bias websites. I use sources that had an author to the articles, and that had links to other reliable sites.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
I will publish a post that is easily understandable.
I submitted a post that is on my wiki-page, waiting for peer review.
I submitted a post on your website
All of my posts below are available for peer review.
Many peers have commented on my posts, and I am currently exchanging comments with makarios.
I set a link to my post as my facebook status
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

I will exchange comments with a classmate.
I did a Q&A with Amanda Lee Spitler, about natural selection see below.
Provide constructive
peer-review to
I will give comments with constructive criticism.
I commented on Aimee's post and gave constructive critiszm.
I commented on Jordan's post about bad breath.
I commented on caitlin's post about vitimin d defficiantcy.
Discuss in-class

I will write on the wiki about assignments in class.
I wrote a post on my wiki page about natural selection, and talked about our lab in class.
I also wrote a post about the remaking of HMS Beagle.
See below
Apply creativity
to work
I will make a animato video.
I will make a podcast.
I made a bit strip about natural selection.
I helped Rachel make 2 videos and acted in them.

My name is Will, and I am in Miss Baker's biology class. I enjoy the things we learn in class. My favorite was on the cell theory. I enjoyed creating our own cell and seeing how efficient it was. What we did was we made a cell out of a jello substance to see how long it would take for it to diffuse. We then put the substance in vinegar, and when vinegar diffuse through it made it turn yellow. We did this to see what limits a cell's size.
On my free time I enjoy to play guitar, knee board, and wake board. I cannot wait until the summer so I can get back onto the board. Good Luck to everyone this year. Some of my Favorite bands are Senses Fail, Good Charlotte, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Will Bragunier

Natural Selection

As you already know we did a lab on Tuesday about natural selection. We pretended to be birds on an island. There were three categorizes of types of birds, forked beak, spoon beak, and knife beak. These birds had to pick up marshmallows off the ground, and bring them back to their nest. If the bird picked up 6 marshmallows it survived, less than 6 it died. If the bird picked up 12 to 17 they produced 1 offspring, if they collected 18 to 23 they had 2 offspring, and 24 plus they had 3 offspring.
Later on in the lab there was a “change of season”, and instead of picking up marshmallows they had to pick up peanuts. When it was only marshmallows being picked up it was easy, and no one died, however when it switched to peanuts the fork population died off. After the fork population died off the lab was done.
During the lab Ms. Baker was keeping record of how many birds there were and how many of each type. In the beginning the knife population jumped up, but when the climate changed they died off, and the spoon population jumped up. Click here to see the results of my class. This lab was an excellent example of natural selection, and what happens in the Galapagos.
Darwin’s Finches are birds that live on the Galapagos Islands, and they are an example of natural selection. Let’s say that there are two types of finches, ones with big beaks and ones with small beaks, and the majority of seeds this year are large seeds. This means that the birds with big beaks will survive and reproduce more because they can easily eat the large seeds. The population of big beaked birds goes up and small beaked birds go down. Then the next year there are more small seeds. Then the population of small beaks will go up and the population of large beaks will go down. This shows how natural selection is random.
Our lab was similar to Darwin’s Finches, and they explain the same process of natural selection. This lab was great for learning more about natural selection, and it was fun too! Thank you Ms. Baker, and you should do a lot more labs like this one.

Here is a Q&A that I did with Amanda Lee Spitler. She majored in biology at Wake Forest University, and then went to grad school at American University Law. She later did dna testing and dna matching. She worked on Capital Hill trying to get support for stem cell resarch. She wrote a brief for the supreme court case: Edward v. Aguillar. This case was a debate in 1985 about teaching evolution in school, in Kansas.

1. Do you think that without Charles Darwin we would have the same concept on evolution?
Possibly, I think someone else would have discovered it. Such as Mendel with the pea plants.

2. How important do you think Charles Darwin's observations are to science today?
Very important, I remeber learning in college about laws and theories, and evolution is a theroy like the the sun rises in the east. We know this because it has for millions of years. One day could it rise somewhere else? Yes.

3. Without Natural selection do you think we would understand as much as we do today?
No, because natural selection is the cornerstone to evolution.

Will Bragunier

A need for play

A recent
study showed that kids who play when they are younger could benefit them when they are older. On the other hand children who do not play can become anti-social and maladjusted when they reach adulthood.
August 1st 1966, at the University of Texas Charles Whitman climbed a tower on campus and shot 46 people. This man was the last suspected man to go on a killing spree. Stuart Brown who at the time recently became a psychiatrist interviewed Whitman along with 26 convicted murders later discovered that as children they had abusive parents and did not play as child.
Children who “free play” as some scientists call it learn how to deal with stress and become socially adept. It also shows that animals need to play when they are young or they could not learn the skill to help them survive and reproduce.

Also in this study it shows that kids who have a fifteen minute break period during the school day behave better than children who do not have a break, during the day. Many children do not get this break because of the "No Child Left Behind Law." This law devotes more time to learning then to recess. Thus kids behave more badly.
This source says that when children play along with developing their minds, and learning basic skills, they physically develop. They learn motor skills, and also their language improves from getting practice from talking with other kids. If kids have positive play experience they will have positive emotions.
Some scientists are worried that kids are not able to play as much as they should. Parents are having their kids in music classes, sports, etc… Kids need play where they can be imaginative and be creative. If children do not get their early playtime we could create a generation of over stressed and maladjusted people.
Do you think that a break in the middle of the day helps you concentrate and behave better? Do you think that there is a need for play?
see photo

Will Bragunier
Will, this is a fairly well written post, you give really good examples, but this post does not have enough sources, also the fact that you are using people who went on massive killing sprees, what about regular people, who have not had "free play" what about them?? How did they end up? You need to talk about that a little more, and also you need to have questions! The questions should be thought provoking.


Will Bragunier, I agree with what Clark said about the killings sprees. You just stated one of the extremes that not having free-play could produce. You need to talk more about what could happen to normal people. -matt
Clark and Matt I am showing the harms that can be caused from a lack of play that is why i am showing people who have gone on killing sprees. Will B

Will this does not tie into this free play thing. Don't people who might have something wrong with them still go on killing spree? Must I bring up the Vtech murders. As far as we know, Vtech murderer had a normal childhood. He, however had something wrong with his mind. Tie your subject into people who are born murderous tendencies and people who develop these tendencies. Type in to the discovery channel, Gray area in brain. You will learn a lot about how murders' brains are a lot different then ours.
- Makarios

Makarios this does tie in because if you clicked on my sources, then you would have read the articles explaining that a study done on murders showed that the majority did not have play or interact as children. Also how you brought up the Virgina Tech shooting, yes he could have had a normal childhood, however there is not evidence saying that he had a normal childhood, for all we know, he could have a bad childhood. I am not diasagring with your statement of the shooter to have something wrong in his mind, however it could have been provoked from a lack of play. In my post i was trying to show the dangers of not having play as a child, not trying to talk about murders.-Will B

Will, unfortunately you are a bit mistaken. Notice that if you actually look for the information on the Vtech murders that Seung-Hui Cho was clincaly deppresed and diagnosed with severe anxeity disorder in Middle School. In the police reports that have been released they say that he was neither abused nor hit physically or mentally. I believe that you should look into this gray area in the brain. Did you know that scientist think that testosrone controls our anger problems? With this information some murderers are being sentenced to castration as a means of lowering testosorone levels.

Makarios you aren't getting what I am saying, he wasn't hit but he could have not gotten along with kids, he could of not had time to go and just play, I am not saying anything about himbeing abused. You also keep on bringing up random things for example the Virgina Tech shooter was random, and now you are talking about castration? Lets try to stay on topic. Back to your thing about the Virgina Tech shooter I never said anything about him in my post, and in my post I was showing the dangers of not having play as a child, and I never said anything about all murders did not have play as a child, I am just saying that there can be a link between being a lonely kid and not playing with anyone, and being a murder. Will B

The H.M.S. Beagle Project

As you have heard in class there is a project to recreate The Beagle, which was Darwin’s ship that he used to sail around the world. The newly created Beagle will set sail on the same path that Darwin took. This project was endorsed by Dr. Sylvia Earle. You may be wondering who this lady is. She is an author, oceanographer, and explore. She has received many awards such as the Netherlands Order of the Golden Ark, and became a member of the National Women’s Hall of Fame.
The ship will
set sail in England and sail to the west coast of Africa at Cape Verde, then to Bahia in South America, then Falkland Islands, then Valparaiso, and to the Galapagos Islands. There is still much more to this trip!
The ship will
be made of oak planking on oak frames, instead of the traditional old sail boats; the new and improved beagle will have diesel engines, GPS, satellite communication and modern safety equipment.
This is something that I would love to do, and it would look unbelievable on a college application. This is a wonderful opportunity and a life experience that every one that can should take. i am hoping that it will be completed before I graduate high school, however if it is not I will be willing to go on it still.
There are ways to donate to this project such as going to the
link, or this link also.

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