Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

I will use the rules that are here to show my credible sources.
I will show in my blog that my resources are credible.
I evaluated lots of sources on the the credible source page, including;
On each of these I made sure that all the rules here apply.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
I will read articles on science
websites written by marine biologists and analyze the information.
I researched sturgeon for my post.
I did not plagerize in my post.
My post was Biology related.
I used my own words when I wrote my post, and did not just copy the author that wrote the article.
I used more than one source to make sure that my information was credible.
I made sure that the research was up to date.
I was able to verify which information I understood, and what I didn't.
At this website I read the article that was written by marine biologists and i analyzed it, and put it into my own words.
I researched about Jeremy's post, and analyzed it, and added my own input onto it.
I researched Skye's post, and understood it, and then I brough in a lot of new information about her topic.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I will hyperlink all of my work, and make sure that I show a link for all of my pictures.
I used three websites in my blog.
I hyperlinked all of my sources properly in my post.
All of my links in my post go directly to where I got my information.
I hyperlinked my picture.
I made sure my sources and picture were creative commons for my post.
For all three of these websites I checked all the rules at this websiteto make sure that they were credible, I also put them on my discussion page.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
I will put my work on the wiki.
I will also show college students from my Dad's lab my work and ask for their feedback.
I put my post on the wiki. "sturgeon the flying fish?" on the wiki page for peer-review.
I showed my paper to my Dad's student Ryan, who said that once when he went fishing he saw sturgeon actually jumping onto the water, and that he also had heard of sturgeon jumping on peoples boats and severely hurting them (because of sturgeons great size).
I put my credible sources up on my discussion board.
I put my wikispace on facebook so my everyone could check out my post
My post is on theblog
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

I will talk to my Dad about my project.
I talked to my Dad, and he is a marine biologist at the Chesapeake biology lab.
He researches the fish that i did for my post.
I also had a Q and A with him.
I also talked to my Dad's student Ryan who is a practicing biologist.
I asked him lots of questions about what I didn't understand after my Q and A with my Dad.
Provide constructive
peer-review to
I will be very constructive and helpful to my classmates to help them with their blog.
I commented on Jennas post, and i put my personal expeirience in and related it to the post.
I also commented on Jeremy's post and added different animals that used echolocation.
I also commented on Skyes post and added lots of new detail to it including; I related it to a different animal, and I answered my two questions after I did the post; how exactly did this snake get so big? And how can such a big creature catch fast prey?
I commented on Cassie, Jihad, CJ, Conner, Dylan and Ian's posts on their wiki page.
Discuss in-class

I will connect what my post is to what we are doing in class.
I discussed adaptation with my sturgeon post.
I discussed about how the sturgeons nose has actually changed in time
Apply creativity
to work
I will make a cool cartoon.
I made a cartoon, and related it to my post, and discussed a major topic.
I also added a Q and A with Dr. David Secor.
I put the question up "should killing sturgeon be illegal?"on a polling website giving them three answers; yes and it should result in jail time, yes but it shouldn't result in jail time, and no it shouldn't.

hello everybody. My favorite project we did was the animal behavior. I liked the animal behavior because we got a chance to go to the pond and we got to see a lot of cool animals there. Below is an example of a dominance hierarchy. I liked dominance hierarchys because it shows a simularity between humans and animals.
external image males_fight-c.JPG&usg=AFQjCNF0g_alFYdFSpYozWvVV4qA5Z3vPALink:
In places ranging from the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada, to the St.Johns River along the east coast of Florida; lives an uncommon fish, the Atlantic sturgeon. An Atlantic sturgeon has weighed up to 800 pounds and up to 12 feet long, and that is why they are among the biggest fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. These primitive fish have a tube-like body covered with five rows of large bony plates. There mouth is perfectly designed to be a bottom feeder; the mouth jets out sort of like a mocking bird getting its nectar from a flower and sucks up a lot of food. It’s hard to believe, but even though this fish is so big it only eats Mollusks, worms, snails, shrimps, and small bottom feeder fish. The reason that they might be that big is also because of them being able to live to be 75 years old.

The female sturgeon can lay up to two million eggs. These eggs are what most people are after, caviar. The
juveniles live in estuaries such as the bay until they are mature, then they move out into open waters. As you may know caviar is very expensive, but even though it is elegant and rare it is no reason to kill these prehistoric fishes. The Atlantic Sturgeon has changed over the millions of ears it has been around. A drastic change is the size of the sturgeons mouth. Sturgeons mouths used to be round and sort of egg shaped; now they are long and sort of pointed. This is because of them having to make an adaptation to get food easier sort of like Erik's post.

Sturgeon can date all the way back to
dinosaurs, thus making them amongst some of the oldest fish in the world. There is a decrease in sturgeon throughout the years; my Dad noted that they are particularly sensitive to harvest and habitat degradation. He also stated that before the late 19th century there were hundreds of thousands of sturgeon in the Chesapeake Bay, but over the past century there has been no increase of abundance.
Questions: Should catching sturgeon be illegal?
Why do you think sturgeon jump out of the water?

Conversation: Dr. David Secor

Q: Why do sturgeon jump out of the water?

A: I have actually been asked this question a lot, and no one really knows, it is very weird for a fish of this size who is a bottom dweller, and whose food is at the bottom to come up to the surface with such speed that it would fly out of the water.

Q: Why is it that when I go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay I don't catch any sturgeon?

A: Actually there have been some people who catch sturgeon in the Bay, but it is very uncommon. The reason for that is because they are not very abundant, this is a problem in the chesapeake, beacause they actually used to be very abundant. We have tried to make hatcheries for sturgeon and release them into the hudson, where they actually are pretty abundant, but they are decreasing.

Comment by Sam Fisher: Good post Teddy! This post is important because most people are unaware that this fish's population has been decreasing dramitically, but they still choose to eat caviar. We really need to stop eating these creatures because they are so ancient that we might be able to learn from them and we won't be able to learn from them and we we won't be able to do this if we continue to kill them. Again good post Teddy.

Will B- Nice job teddy your post is credible, and I can back up the creditability of your dad since I know him. I cannot see anything wrong with your post its ready for Miss Baker!

'Title of Strip'
'Title of Strip'

Teddy, this was a good post and it was informative about the sturgeon fish, all of your links work and you have a good bitstrip.-Louis