Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

I will contribute to the "credible sorces page"
on the wiki to help my class mates choose credible
sources. I will know sorces with the ending .gov or .edu
are reliable but should double check ones with .com/.org
  • On the credible sources page
I accepted National Geographic
becuase Scientists who write for this
magazine travel all around the world to
study animals and land-forms ect. and
first hand find out information.
and accepted it because it is non profit
and the doctors and specialists are finding
diagnosis's and treamtments to cure virt-
ually every type of complex illnesses.

because scientists from Colorado Sate University write the articles.

Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
I'll research a topic that I'm really interested in and that
is currently a big and popular issue. If I come across a
word on an article I do not understand I will look it up
in a dictionary
  • I love horses so I made a post on horses
teeth. I didn't understand what the word
hyposodont meant, so i looked it up and found
out it describes a high-crowned and enamel tooth
which extends past the gum line.
  • On February 4th, 2009, the biggest snake in the world
was found in Columbia. I created a post called "Snake Discovery" stating
why huge snakes like this aren't
around anymore. While writing the article I didn't know
what a Biodae snake was so i looked it up and found
out it is a snake that kills by constriction and does not use
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I will hyperlink sources correctly after a paraphrase an
article. I will attribute any creative comnons image I use
to give credit to the person I took it from.
  • On my "Horses Teeth" post I linked a
picture to flickr and made sure it was
creative commons.

  • My post "Snake Discovery" I hyper linked a picture to
Flickr that was creative commons here.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
Before I send my blog draft to Ms. Baker, I will put it on
the Wiki and have one of my classmates review it. If I use
other social networking sites, I will mention the post to
direct readers to see it.
  • I put my "Horse Teeth" post on
my discussion board so my peers
could review it and make suggestions.
  • I used hyperlinks to reffer back to
websites I found information on that covered the
major topics of the post.
  • I put my "Snake Discovery" post on
my discussion board so my friends could mediate it- Caitlin and Aimee did.
  • I added my Snake discovery post to Facebook,
the social network, in a note so my friends who aren't in the 9th or AP biology can
see my post and learn cool science information.
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

I will try to contact the scientist who wrote the source I
am using and get feedback from him/her. I will also
try to find other bloggers making post of related topics
I have posted and crtique their posts.
  • On my horse teeth post my horse instructor helped
me create videos and taught me the different types of teeth
in the horses mouth. Selena Anderson graduated from
Virginia Tech majoring in Equine Science
and owns a horse farm and animal pet sitting job. She has
been riding horses since childhood and trains horses now.
She is a respected horsemen and well known in Calvert C-
ounty and even throughout Virginia. She may not be a
scientist or doctor but when it comes to horses she knows
her stuff.
Provide constructive
peer-review to
I'll make comments on my friends posts to keeping the
debate and conversation going. I will reply to comments
that are written on my posts. I will also edit a few of my
class-mates blog posts on this Wiki.
  • I commented on Jeremy's post "
I'm not blind i just cant see". I posted facts ab-
out seeing-eye dogs.
  • I commented on "Genetics of Race Assi-
gnment" and voiced my opinion on how i liked
the test.
  • I commented on Samantha's
post "Why Do We Itch" on her discussion board
and made suggestions to improve the post.

it and contributed by stating gingivitis was a bad
disease for horses teeth.
and suggested why most see scientists as 'white males'
help improve his whale post by praising it and also making
Discuss in-class

Any post that relates to an in class topic, I will comm-
ent. Any post I make will some how be relevant and rel-
ated to a discussion in class.
  • My horse Teeth Post indicated that with
age body parts and organs change and develop,
and it also suggests that horses teeth evolve and
change due to surrounding conditions.
It's related to an in class topic becuase just recently we had
a homework assignment to see if we were racist against a
certain race or not. This also ties into the fact that science
isn't racist or discriminative.
topics because we are studying evolution and and my post
mainly talks about why snakes don't grow to be so huge any-
more becuase of modern current conditions and factors.
Apply creativity
to work
I'll make a really cool video on youtube. I'll attempt to
make a cartoon strip on a website.
  • I created 2 videos-1) video 2) video personal videos of me looking
at 2 of the horses mouths at my barn
observing the present differences.

Posts I have created:

Determining Horses Age By Teeth:
The art of determining a horses age is an ancient tradition, rarely used anymore. But it's simple! Though the chance of error increases as the horse gets older. Horses kept in stables teeth appear younger and horses teeth that graze in sandy areas have wear down teeth.

To determine the age of the horse you study their 12 front teeth, called incisors. Horses have two sets of teeth one is temporary the other is permanent. The temporary teeth are called “baby” or “milk teeth”. The temporary incisors only last for the first 8 months of a horses life. Permanent teeth are larger, longer and darker colored.

The molars and premolars are located far back in the horses mouth and are known as the cheek teeth. These teeth constantly grind when the horse chews its food and wear away 2-3mm per year. That is why horses have very long teeth called hyposodont which literally means “high tooth”

Cups are indentures in the young permanent teeth. The cups in the upper set of teeth are deeper than the set below, so they don't wear evenly with the surface and become smooth. A “smooth mouth” (upper and bottom cups are smooth and even) appear on an 11 year old horse.

What are other ways to determine how old a horse is? What are bad teeth diseases found in horses?


Hi I'm Skye =) My favorite things to do are ride horses and hang out with friends. I love biology! When I got to college, I want to major in equine science..thats alot of bio!

My favorite activity we've done in class is the cockroach lab becuase it was really fun. If we didn't do this lab I would never have kissed a hissing cockroach let alone even touch one! The cockroaches hiss becuase they use it as a defense mechanism to scare away their prey. Here's a picture of these funky creatures!
cockroaches.jpg -This is my favorite youtube video, its so funny!