Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

  • I will put in my post why my sources are credible
  • I will help my classmates evaluate web sources by contributing to the class.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news

  • I will look up biology related topics and write blogs on them.
  • I will look up the parts I don't understand and then put them into simpler terms on my blog.
  • I read an article about oil from algae which is a current event and then I wrote a post about about it demonstrate that I did understand the article.
  • I read and article (here ) about shark attacks going down because the economy is bad so no one is going to the beach.
  • I understood every post that i commented on
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

  • I will use creative commons pictures and not any illegal photos.
  • I will hyperlink properly to give the writter of the article credit
  • I used creative commons photo for my post about algae.
  • I gave the author ( Bob Grant) of the article that I wrote a post about credit in my post. Here
  • All of my hyperlinks on my wiki and post are hyper linked properly
  • I put my credible source on the discussion board.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review

  • I will post the blog on miss bakers website and on my wiki.
  • I will post a link in the comment section to the original news article.
  • I published my blog on my wiki
  • I published my blog of facebook here>
  • I published my blog on my year book here
  • I published my blog on myspace here
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

  • I will email the scientists that wrote the article that I am blogging about
  • I will search other scientists discussing this topic and ask for them to critique my post.

Provide constructive
peer-review to

* I will comment on my friends post
  • I will respond to comments left on my post
  • I commented on Teddy's post which is about sturgeon.
  • I commented on aimee's post here
  • I commented on richard's post here
  • I commented on connor's post here
  • I commented on dylan's post here
  • I commented on Makarios's post here
  • I commented on Ryan D. post here>
  • I commented on Logan's post here
  • I commented on will h post here
  • I commented on Luke's post here
Discuss in-class

  • I will comment on post that are related to class topics.
I commented on Erik's post which is about Natural selection and Charles Darwin which is what we are learning in class.
I commented on Urmi's post about Darwin right here
I commented on will h post about specifacation here
Apply creativity
to work

  • I will put on you tube videos related to my post
I put a youtube video that was related to my post about oil from algae.
I added a pole relate to my post right here
I added a picture related to my post right here
I added a bitstrips comic strip related to my post righthere

Is Oil from Algae the Future

external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpg
external image moz-screenshot-2.jpgalgae.jpg

Photo Source:

Scientists have discovered that you can get biofuels from something besides corn and french fry grease. Which is good because the problem with ethanol is that is drives up food prices. Scientists have discovered that you can also get biofuels from algae. The idea of algal biofuels is easy. The microalgae automatically produces and stores lipids similar to the ones found in vegetable oil. If scientists can find a way to interfere with the tendencies algae has to store oil and make it more useful then it is in nature, then fuels for transportation vehicles might be created. Even though this seems like the answer, some problems with this are finding an efficient way to get the oil out of the algae and another problem is growing the algae at an incredibly fast rate. Hopefully the third generation of biofuels will work for us, but this process was found because of the stepping stones like corn which is why we need to start projects for solor, wind, hydrogen, and ect. because we can use those as stepping stones so it can lead us to the answer. This information was found by Bob Grant .What do you think is the answer?
If you want to see a video related to this blog then go to
Here is poll related to this post.
Here is a bitstrip comic strip related to my post.
Sam, this was a great post, i think maybe you should make it a bit longer, your youtube was also great-Louis
Sam good post!! not to rain on your parade but I believe that Will B already has a similar post to this that was done first trimester so I do not know if Ms. Baker will accept it.

Hey I'm Sam Fisher and I am in Miss Bakers biology class.I like to play soccer and follow sports and jet ski and tube. My favorite lab in biology was the cockroach lab because it was fun watching Erik get clawed by the cockroach. My favorite topic in biology was the animal behavior because it was fun watching the videos of animals doing cool tasks.
The player up there is kaka.He is the best in the world.


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Check this one out it is a soccer fail