Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
- I will use a credible source in my post. - I will help my class mates find credible sources. -In my post I will state why i used a source
- I used a credible source in my
comment onJeremy Washingtons
- I Checked Luke's source and contributed
to the credible sources page
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
-I will use current biology news in my posts. -I will research a biology topic I am interested in andthat has been discussed in recent science news. - I will use many sources in my post and make sure i understand all of it.
- I usedcurrent News about knee injury in my post
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
-I will correct other peoples sources to make sure they know what a credible source is. -I will use creative commons or public domain photos that are relevant to my topic, and I will properly attribute it.
-I have commented on thecredible sources page for :
because it is a reliable source and
it is updated and used by Miss
-I hyper linked in my post, and used two different credible
- I reviewed luke's source's
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
-Before I submit my post to Ms. Baker i will post it on my wiki page and have at least one student check that it is complete. -I will publish my work on the class blog. -I will post a link to my blog in the comment field section of the original news article if possible.
- I posted my post on thewikifor
peer review. my topic was on
knee injuries.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
- I will contact the scientists who conducted the research that is being discussed in the news articles and will respectfully request input regarding my post.

Provide constructive
peer-review to
- I will edit at least one of my class mates blog posts on their wiki page. -I will respond to comments left to my post. -I will i will respond to most comments that are written in response to mine.
- I commented on Jeremy Washington's post about
echolocation, providing more
informationon animals that use
-I edited on Luke's post on his wiki page.
- I have edited and reviewed Louis's post
Discuss in-class assignments
-I will comment on lots of posts that are directly related to my in-class topics. -I will make my post relevant to in-class topics by connecting it to something that has been discussed in class or will be discussed in class in the future.
Apply creativity
to work
- I will use pictures, videos, or cartoons that are relevant to my post. -I will add relevant cartoons i create on to my post.
- I have made an animoto and
bitstrip acount.
- I made a bitstrip for my post about
knee injury.

Hey im Ryan, I love hanging with my friends, sports, and school.. JOKING! um.....
Im a very happy happy joy joy person :-)
I love going to the beach and playing volleyball there.. with friends.
My puppy is awesome! She looks somewhat like this :

golden_retriver!!!!!!!!!.jpgPhoto Source

Photo Source
I love sweets:) aka why i put that picture up there!

My favorite thing in Bio so far was the diffusion lab! Our cell, "nequisha" was too big so it took 35 min.
to diffuse completely!We used a substance that was similar to jello, and we used vinegar to diffuse into the jellolike
substance. here is a video of what was happening in this experiment:


- Little pockets in the cytoplasm of cells, where the cell stores food
-It is made up of water and amino acids and a lipid membrane
From book:-they store undigested nutrients
-contractile vacuoles pump out excess water
-it stores chemicals like salt-it causes cell growth by absorbing water causing the cell to expand -central vacuoles in plants can contain colors
that attract insects that pollinate
-in leaf cells they can contain poisons for protection

My Post:) :
Knee Injury, 1992 by Theremina.
Knee Injury, 1992 by Theremina.

external image moz-screenshot.jpgPhoto Source
High School Knee Injury

A study at Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) shows that knee injuries are the most costly and are the
leading injury to high school athletic surgeries.
This injury is the second most common injury in high school sports.
"Knee injuries in high school athletes are a significant area for concern," said Dawn Comstock, PhD, CIRP principal investigator, faculty member at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and one of the study authors. "Knee injuries accounted for nearly 45 percent of all sports injury-related surgeries in our study. Knee surgeries are often costly procedures that can require extensive and expensive post-surgery rehabilitation and can increase risk forearly onset osteoarthritis. Without effective interventions, the burden of knee surgeries and rehabilitation will continue to escalate as the number of high school athletes continues to grow."
Boy's wrestling and football, along with girls soccer and basketball had the highest number or knee injury's such as complete ligament tears, ligament tears, torn cartilage, contusions, and etc.Boys have a more frequent patter of getting
knee injuries over girls, but girls have more intense injuries. Girls miss a longer period of practice time than boys, and are more likely to require surgery. "Parents of young female athletes should not overreact to these findings however,"warned Comstock. "The long term negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle far outweigh those of the vast majority of sports injuries."
You can see that the evidence above shows that guys get knee injuries than girls, but the girls knee injuries are moresevere. It will not have a huge affect on most people when they are older, in fact playing sports in high school will help you out later in life.
What are some other areas of common sports injury? How can you protect yourself from Knee injury?
Why do you think knee injury is more common in Males than in females?

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Knee Injury
Knee Injury

Sam F: This is a very good post Ryan. Im glad they are looking into this since i get knee problems all the time from sports. All of your hyper links seem fine and you added a lot of creativity to your post. Again nice post.