Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

Write using credible sources
Use more than one source
Explain why I used the source
Evaluate sources for blogs.
I evaluated I said it was a credible source because it cited its sources and provided sources of its images.

I used the site( to find information to write a blog post. It was approved as a credible source by my peers.

I commented on Makarios's post on a newly discovered dinosaur. I researched his topic and found more new information related to his topic.

I accepted because i thought it was a credible source. It has information on it used and critiqued by scientists all over the world.

I wrote a post on a new invention that isolates single cells. (seen under this chart)
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
I will show my knowledge of the topic by my writings
I will read other blogs, and post ways to better their project
I read Makarios's blog post, and made comments that expanded the topic that he chose. I understood his topic, and found more information on it.

I wrote a comment on Brandon's post on race of scientists. I read his post, and added useful information that I found helpful about how we could change the stereotypical image of a scientist.

I wrote a post on a new invention to help understand cells.

I commented on Jeremy's post on blue light. I left a constructive comment after reading his post.

I read Rachael's poston a new species of frogfish, and also left a constructive comment.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I will post sources that I think are appropriate
I will accept others sources if I agree
My source ( was credible, and was accepted by students as a credible source.
I hyperlinked all of my sources properly in my post.
All of my links in my post go directly to where I got my information.
I hyperlinked my picture.
I made sure my sources and picture were creative commons for my post.
For all three of these websites I checked all the rules at this websiteto make sure that they were credible, I also put them on my discussion page.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
I will post my blogs on the wiki before posting them
I will post comments that my peers can comment on
I wrote a post that is available on my wiki page for others to comment and review.
I put my wikispace on facebook so my everyone could check out my post
My post is on theblog
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

Talk to my teachers about my topic
Talk to someone who has studied the certain field
I have just written an e-mail to Dr. Andreas Schmid. I have asked him what he origionally intended his invention to do. It has had many great developments.
Provide constructive
peer-review to
Evaluate sources for blogs
Look over sites posted by my peers
Comment on peer's blogs
I commented onBrandon's post on race, and used a website that was a written comment on a book by John Holt, about how children learn

I evaluated for a student.

I accepted ( as a credible source for students to use. I provided reasons why I felt it was a credible source.

I commented onMakarios's blog post, and added information to it. I added that scientists think that birds evolved from dinosaurs!

I commented on Luke's post about endangered species. I corrected some mistakes and told him that he should include some questions.

I commented onJeremy's post on blue light. I left a constructive comment after reading his post.

I read Rachael's post on a new species of frogfish, and also left a constructive comment.

I commented on a website( that I felt was credible and I posted a reason why. My fellow classmates can comment on my comment, or add more to it. I said it was credible because it lists the sources of its information.

I commented on Brandon's post about the race of scientists. I provided information on how children learn, and what we can do to change the mental image children have of scientists and their race

Discuss in-class

I will take what we have learned and try to blog about its key points
I will add useful information about a topic we have learned in class
The article I am using for my blog is about cells. We have studied cells in class, and this talks about a way to observe one cell, individually. I wrote a post on an instrument used to isolate cells.
Apply creativity
to work
I will add things in my posts to make the topic fun
I will add fun and interesting vidoes to my posts, if possible
I created a poll on this website ( so people can express their own opinion on my blog topic.
Here is my bitstrip on My post a cell for Cells.


Polls: Text Poll Web Poll

CHO Phase Contrast Image-3 by Exothermic.
CHO Phase Contrast Image-3 by Exothermic.


A cell for cells?

German biochemists have developed a new device that can isolate a single cell. This new
invention can lead to great advances in drug trials and biofuel creations. This website
talks about how an invention that isolates a cell can be used to better our knowledge of
cells and their reactions. Drug tests are normally done on a culture of cells, so it is nearly
impossible to pick out one cell from another. When multiple cells are cultured together,
the cells can alter their environment, making it very hard to know what truly altered the
cells. Scientistsworking on biofuels have the same problem. They need to find out what
makes yeast to grow. The new invention "EnviroStat" uses electro-magnetic poles to hold
a cell in place for testing. The fields force the cells into a box in the center of the cage.
This creates a stable place for cells to be tested where we can tell its reactions. New
developments in science can create an amazing difference in technology, and create a
new way of life. The advances created by this invention can allow many new discoverys in
medicine, as well as biofuels.

Do you think biofuels are the answer to a renewable energy source?
Do you think this new invention will truly help new discoveries in medicine?
Please answer my poll question! Web Poll

This is a great topic to write a post on but you may want to get more sources to support the evidence.


This is really good. I agree with Jeremy, more sources would be good. Otherwise, it's good. I like your questions, and your poll is a good idea for creativity. Good job.


Photo source

Hey I'm Ryan, and I love sports, mainly lacrosse.

I enjoyed when we studied cells. Even though we are still studying cells, I thought the lab was very fun. I learned that the thinner, and longer a cell is, the better. The more surface area a cell has, the faster diffusion occurs. Cells need certain things fast, and it can not work if it takes forever to let the thing pass through the cell membrane.

external image Image-Average_prokaryote_cell-_en.svg.png