Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

I can meet this Expectation by using credible
sources such as the christian science
or any other trusted science website.
  • I used the website
  • I found and approved credible websites for my peers
  • I denied websites that were not credible or had no scientific use
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
I can show this ability by actually reading the
article and finding the best information located
in the article and not just taking what is on the
front page.
  • I used only information necisary to my topic
  • I read the full article on all of my sources before using them
  • I read from six online articles and only used the best of the best to write my post
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I can use colorful photos or videos in my post

  • I used a video
  • I used a creative commons picture
  • I used multiple websites
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
I can post my post to my wiki page and have my peers evaluate it.
  • I have posted my post to the wiki page
  • I have posted my voice thread
  • I made public some websites for peer review
  • I post information regarding the test that may be eddited by other students
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

I can contact an esteemed biologist.
  • I sent an email to the biologist "Steve Schlemmer" who had worked on the topic of volcanic and human emmisions I asked him how much emmisions have volcanoes produced since the begging of time and I am still awaiting a response.
  • I commented on the blog i found my post article at and had a intelligent conversation with the scientist responsible for the post and the other readers
Provide constructive
peer-review to
I can point out what I deem to be incorrect.
  • I helped Logan fix his post
  • I commented on Luis's post
  • I helped will make his post more concise during study hall
Discuss in-class

I can write helpful information or my take on
an assignment.
  • I posted information on mitochondria on my wiki page with in depth pictures
  • I helped answer questions for tests and exams on the wiki page
Apply creativity
to work
I can make a voice thread for my post.

  • I used a voice thread in my post
  • I made my own picture for my post
  • I added my own perspective to my post

A recent study showed that human carbon emissions far outweigh the natural emissions made by volcanoes. Humans create more than 24 billion tons of carbon emissions each year. Those emissions are created largely by automobiles and industrial plants. While volcanoes on land and under the sea combined only make 200 million tons of carbon emissions or 1/120th of the waste produced by humans. Emissions from volcanoes are made by magma that has dissolved or gasses that are released into the air during an eruption. On the other hand emissions by humans can be created by anything from turning on a light to driving in a car.
There are many ways to cut human carbon emissions. They include using less energy, using florescent light bulbs, and driving less. Other ways to cut on emissions include recycling and turning off cars and lights when not in use. If humans did these things listed here our earth would be greener and a healthier place to live.
You can watch a video of a volcano erupting here
Sam Fisher: Good post Richard! this post is good because hopefully this information can get spread which will get people not use as much carbon emissions. The only suggestions i had were to put a picture on for your post and to increase the length.
Here is a link to my voice thread I have created.

volcanos.jpg A picture made by me Richard Collins to be used freely.

Louis:Richard, i think this is a good post but i thinkyou should make your voice thread public before you send it to Ms. Baker. Good job.
Here is a list of all the websites I used to write this post.
I got this picture from wikipedia at the folowing adress all rights belong to bungie and microsoft corporations respectively.
Image:Master Chief in Halo 3.png
Image:Master Chief in Halo 3.png
Master_Chief_in_Halo_3.png‎ (250 × 286 pixels, file size: 86 KB, MIME type: image/png)

richard enjoys bio and lots of other classes and hopes the rest of the school year was as fun as first trimester. My favorite part so far was the section on diffusion which uses amino acids more can be found

Thank you Miss Baker for making both the wiki and the blog availible to us the students

Mitochondria is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. Mitochondria generates the power for the cell to generate adenosine triphosphate. Mitochondria also controls the cell’s life cycle by signaling when the cell has finished its usefulness. Without Mitochondria ATP would not be generated and the cell would not be able to transfer energy.

A simplified look at mitochondria.
Image:Diagram of an animal mitochondrion.svg
Image:Diagram of an animal mitochondrion.svg

Found at
Mitochondria inside of the cell “number 9”
Diagram of mitochondria in a cell.
Image:Biological cell.svg
Image:Biological cell.svg

external image moz-screenshot-4.jpg