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Hi, my name is Phoenixia and as you can see this is my blog page! My favorite subject is Science, but I also enjoy world history, literature and foreign language. My favorite animal happens to be cats , both wildand domestic.

Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
I would demonstrate my ability to evaluate sources of biology information by choosing credible sources based on guideline that were given and check my sources still by puitting them up for peer review by putting on the credible sources page.
I approved Jong's site on the credible sources page by determinig if it had valuable information, if profesionals wrote the information, if the site had information on the people who wrote it, if their sources were hyperlinked or able to be accessed, and other things that would make this website credible. I also approved Alec's source.
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
I would demonstrate this ability by choosing an interesting and recent biology topic to reasearch and to post on this blog in my own words; I would also do further reasearch on the topic for background information and for links to other areas of biology or other subjects.
I put two sources to be evaluated on the credible sources page.

I wrote two paragraphs on CWD in deer and elk in the U.S which explains the disease and the connection it has with what we are studying.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
I would demonstrate the proper use of online resources by using an advanced search to reasearch informaion and to get photos on that information; also I would hyperlink every source that I use .
I hyperlinked the sources that I used in the paragraph and title, also I hyperlinked my pictures.I also used only creative commons picture and credible websites that was approved by my peers and teacher to write my post to avoid playgerism because some pictures are not permitted for use and some sites are not credible .
Publish work that is available for peer-review
I would demonstrate this by checking my work for grammatical issues, I would avoid posting inapproiate things that are not approiate for this blog; also I would display my information in an interesting way to keep the attention of my viewers.
I added interesting questions at the end of a topic that people would think as interesting. I also took suggestions that my peers gave me in order to make the post better.I also put my post on a site that anyone could go oon to review.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
I would demonstrate this by adressing them formally in any way I choose to contact them. I would make sure that I check the way that I present my question(s) I ask them, ; I would be polite and represent myself in the best way possible.
I emailed Dr.Smith who studies diseases and wrote a blog on the topic.
I have not gotten a response.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
I would do this task by being kind ,but informing them of their mistakes and tell them how they could do certainthings better.
I reviewed Charlot's blog and wrote some suggestions she could use to make her blog better.I also reviewed MikeL's blog and responded to the suggestions he gave me.I approved Jong's source on the credible sources page.I also reviewed Alec's page.
Discuss in-class assignments
I would listen to everyone and provide valid opinions or facts and i would research the subject and put my findings on my post.
I connected my blog on CWD to the main fact we learned about protein because when the disease happens proteins get altered , therefore changing their structure which changes their function.
Apply creativity to work
I am going to apply more creativity by putting interesting and unique features on my page. Also I would try to personalize the page with more colors and quirky things that I enjoy.( to the best of my abilities,of course.)
I used colored and different fonts that I enjoy.I also put varied things on my blog that shows my personally.

Odd-eyed cat by ihasb33r.
Odd-eyed cat by ihasb33r.

Mirage Las vegas  White Tiger by gordon2208.
Mirage Las vegas White Tiger by gordon2208.

When I am not reading a book or studying for an exam, I watch television or listen to music. Usually I would watch science - fiction shows or watch the latest cartoon; when I listen to music , I usually listen to rock and pop, but I do not limit myself to those genres. :-)This is one of the best shows I ever watched - Planet Earth this televison show took four years to make , which to me payed off because this is amazing!!! In this particular episode Planet Earth explores the life in the caves.

These paragraphs I have posted are a general look at a disease that is affecting animals , specifically deer and elk in the United States. This disease could affect industries or sport related to these animals.

CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer)
Chronic Wasting Disease is a deadly disease that affects deer and elk such as white-tailed deer, moose, mule deer, and Rocky Mountain elk. This disease is believed to be a prion disease, which involves an altered protein that causes other normal proteins to become altered, the fact that the protein is altered causes a change in the function of the protein , therefore causing sponge –like holes in the brain, but the origin of this prion is unknown. The disease also affects the spinal cord of the deer and elk. CWD was first discovered in the 1960s , in a research facility in Colorado; since this discovery it has been found in Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Illinois, Utah, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, New York, West Virginia and Canada .

This disease was also found to be related to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease), Creutzfelt-Jacob Disease (CJD) in humans,kuru in humans, and scrapie in sheep. The symptoms of this disease might not show right away, but some of the early stage symptoms include weight loss and behavioral changes. In the later stages emaciation, excessive drooling, increased drinking and urination, listlessness, stumbling, trembling, loss of fear of humans and nervousness would show in the animal affected. The disease may be passed by direct transfer such as saliva and animal wastes or indirect ways such as contaminated soil. The disease is also more readily transferred in overcrowded herds of deer where physical contact is more likely. Maryland is conducting targeted surveillance every year by examining hunted or harvested deer; hopefully this will limit the disease.

This is a video that also gives more information on the disease and how it involves the deer producing industry:

If CWD could be transferred to humans through deer products (such as food.), why aren't people taking more percautions ,espcially food pantries? Would the relation to the other diseases help scientists find a cure ,if a cure is not found yet?

Your paragraph is very imformative about chronic waste disease in deer. I learned something new because i didnt know this was happening to deer so thanks for doing this article, its very interesting. You asked factual questions based on the reading and you avioded asking opinion based questions which was good because we werent suppossed to. You hyperlinked where you got your information from, although you did not hyper link any videos on this topic. The picture is very nice but maybe try putting the hyper link in the paragraph, just a suggestion. Just hyper link a video and try putting a picture hyper link in the paragraph and you will be all set, other then that nice job, i enjoyed reading your article i learned alot =). Thanks for the suggestions and corrections!

I really enjoyed your section on chronic waste disease. I have known about mad cow disease but not of a different type in deer, humans, and sheep. I know in your question section you ask if there is a cure, but I believe you should talk maybe about studies toward finding one f there isn't one already. Overall you have a get blog coming along and your a great writer so keep it up.
-Michael Langford

This is a great blog post about CWD. I knew about similar diseases like Mike but i didn't know that this also happened in deer, humans and also sheep. I think there should be more research done in order to find a cure about this becuase it seems to be not that polular as a disease. I think that it shouldbe done though in the scientist part because I don't think you can personally do this your self. Although, this is a great blog post.