Do Aye-Ayes See in Color ???


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How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
I will use credible by asking my classmates if they would apporve this as a credible source. Also i will follow all the guidlines of a credible source and see if i should use this website to get information on my for my blog post.
I apporved and dis-approved many of my classmates sources so they can know to use them or not to use them.I followed the outlines of a credible source to make sure the website was real and not a fake one with false information.
Some people i evaluated was Guy,Jesse,Bobby ect.

Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
I will use current biology news and base my blog post on a current biology topic.
I used many websites and article that were not to old. The oldest article i used was two years old from
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
I will make sure the website is a real website not a fake one with false information. I will also make sure my classmates agree that the websites i use are credible. I will also cite all of my souces.
I hyperlinked in my article and used a creative commons picture because its plagiarising. Plagiarising is bad because your taking credit for someones other work while you didn't do any of it.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
I will make sure my classmates go over what i wrote and leave comments on how i can improve.
I made my rough draft avallible and had a classmate (Guy) check it over and suggestest how to make my post better.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
I will have my email addressed posted so if a scientist/biologist would like to ask me something they can or give me a sugestion. Also I will email a few scientists/biologists to ask about some sources i found.
I posted my email on the bottom of this article so scientist can email me with any questions they have on my article. I also emailed a scientist who was involved in the study and asked for more information on the study.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
When I have a comment for one of my classmate i will explain my point eithier why or why not I do or do not agree with them.
When I commented on the credible sources page I made sure to prove my points to whichever classmate wrote it whether i declined it or accepted it as a credible source.
I also check over Guys rough draft and commented on how he can inprove.

Discuss in-class assignments
I will be sure to ask my teacher and classmates questions in class.
While we were in the computer lab i asked my teacher (Ms. Baker) and my classmates for help and i asked them questions on how to improve the blog post.
Apply creativity to work
In order to complete this I will add many pictures and videos to my post. Also hyperlinks and make it colorful and in diffrent fonts.
I mademy fonts in diffrent colors to make it bright. I put two pictures on my post and a video. Also one more thing i did was add hyperlinks to my paragraphs.
The name of this anaimal is called Aye-aye. This animal can only be found on the island of Madagasar. This animal is very rare and also hard to find when looking. There usually black or dark brown with a very bushy tail. They have big eyes slender fingers and very large but also very sensitive ears. They have pointed claws at thier hands and feet.These extremly rare animals dont look much like primates but DNA wise they are related chimpanzees, apes, and even humans! Aye-ayes usually live in trees in a rainforest and rarley come down to the earths surface.
They stay in a ball like nest full of leaves and branchs. They eat insects from trees and tap on the tree with there middel finger for the bugs to come out.It also uses it's middle finger to fish out the bugs. Local people say the Aye-aye is ill luck.

Link to Picture of Aye-Aye.ayo_v+a_makes_va_braski!.jpg

Ok now to the question … do Aye-Ayes see in color? Well according to this articlethe answer to this question is no they do not. A team of scientists did a study to see if these remarkable creatures can see in. With a year and a half long study and rechecking results twice the answer was no.

The scientist used many tests anywhere from DNA test to seeing how the Aye-Ayes react to different colors. The Aye-Ayes did not react to any colors therefore we come to believe that Aye-Ayes dont see in color. The scientist used eight different Aye-Ayes to do this test; Male and female. Male or female didn’t make a change at all. Both had very similar results. This is the first study to ever be recorded about an Aye-Aye. This study was done two years ago in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Why is it important to know if Aye-Ayes can see in color?
  • What is an Aye-Aye? What does it do? Ect.
  • Do you think this test should be re-done by other scientist to make sure results are correct?

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Good Artical. You should add a little more backround information on the animal itself.-- G