Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

  • I will use Miss Baker's list of approved sources.
  • I will use more than one source so i can be sure i choose accurate sources.
  • I will have my classmates evaluate my sources.
I used a source that was both from miss baker's list of approved sources, and was previously evaluated by my classmates. The source i used was decided to be a credible source by cassie, louis, and Ian. It was
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
  • If there is anything in an article i don't understand i will research it more so that i can understand it.
  • I will read all of an article, so that i can get a full understanding of it.
When i wrote my post i read all of the article in my source and i researched the topic further by visiting these websties: here
use of online resources
  • I will use hyperlinks for all my sources.
  • I will make sure to recognize every single source I use.
I hyperlinked my source when i wrote my post (it was my only source used)
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
  • I will post any blog post I write on the wiki before I post it on the blog, so that any student can evaluate it.
  • I will make sure all of my photos are creative commons.
I posted my blog on my wiki page and two people commented on it and i changed some things. The photo i used was Creative Commons
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

  • I will go on other blogs and comment on scientists' posts.
  • I will respond to any comments made about my post by scientists.
I went on to and commented on a blog post similiar to my own. You can see it here
and here
and also here
Provide constructive
peer-review to
  • I will go on the wiki and evaluate the work of my classmates.
  • I will provide constructive criticism on my classmates' blogs
I commented on wills wiki page and gave him ideas he could use to improve his post.
I commented on wills blog post here and answered the questions he asked using my own experiences.
Discuss in-class

  • I will apply labs that I've worked on in class to the blogs i am working on.
  • I will compare work done in class in relation to work on the blog.
When i commented on ryan's blog post i mentioned that it is a good example of something we learned in class.
Apply creativity
to work
  • If it is possible, i will provide pictures of my own for my blog posts.
  • I will use creative and original topics to write blog posts.
I used a creative topic that noone has talked about before.
I created a bitstrip and emailed it to miss baker.

hola im matt. I liked the lab where we made cells out of that stuff that looked like jello. i also liked the lab in which we put the cockroaches into mazes and tested different variables. The cockroaches looked like this: this is the best song in the history of songs:

external image 371748873_6f3fec68eb_m.jpg Photo source
A Threat to The Penguin Population

This source states that Antarctic penguins are being threatened by the warming climate of Antarctica. Scientists decided to take a closer look at the data, so that they could get a better understanding of how much Antarctica’s climate has changed. Scientists gathered data from 42 weather stations; the data is from as far back as fifty years ago. After analysis, the scientists found that West Antarctica has been warming about .17 degrees Celsius per decade.
The scientists suspect that the warming began recently. The rise in temperature is most likely caused by various dramatic changes, such as the vast areas off sea ice off the Antarctic coast have shrunken over the past 25 years. With the loss of sea ice, Antarctic storms have been more capable of carrying warm, moist air and snow.
The melting sea ice also causes danger for Antarctica’s wildlife. Emperor penguins rely strongly on the sea ice for breeding purposes. Data gathered by a penguin rookery Terre Adelie, Antarctica, showed that when winter sea ice dropped, the penguin population also sharply decreased. If the melting sea ice continues to melt at such a high rate, emperor penguins could become completely wiped out.

Matt Densford

Matt, this was a good post but i think that you should make it a little more creative. Your link works and it goes to a credible website. Good post Matt-Louis
Hey this is a interesting post Matt. I believe it is important to care about all species that dwell on our planet and you have shown in this post that this includes species in Antarctica, a continent with 0% human population. However, add some pictures or videos to keep the readers interested. Still this a good post.-Ian
Good post, Matt. It's great that you were able to raise awareness on this issue, as I had been unaware of this threat. If you maybe added some creativity with a BitStrips comic or something like that, I think that you could bring even more attention to this interesting topic. Overall, good post and use of sources. -Kevin