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Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
  • I will use the sources given to us in class
  • I will use sources that have been peer-reviewed by scientists and other people related to science
  • I will use more credible sources so my posts or comments are more credible
  • I will peer-review my classmates sources to see if they are reliable or not
  • I accepted many of my classmates sources on the Credible Sources page
  • I used sources on the internet for my Blog post that showed the name of the author, the information about my topic, and sites that didn't have a biased view
  • Many of the sources that I used were accepted as credible sources
  • I used some of the sources that were given to us in class
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
  • I will use primary sources along with current and up-to date events in my comments and posts
  • I have watched television shows and videos on my topic before hand
  • I used primary sources from people who went on the Ardipithecus Ramidus expedition
  • I used constantly updated sites, with credible authors
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
  • I will make sure that I use creative commons for pictures that I find on the internet
  • I will credit all of my sources by hyper-linking them
  • I will try to find the primary source that websites referred there information from
  • All my pictures are Creative-Commons licence
  • I hyperlinked all my sources on my blog post
  • I embedded my videos from the websites I got them from
Publish work that is available for peer-review
  • I will ask people if they can comment and revise for any mistakes to make them better
  • I will post the sources that I use so my classmates can approve of them being credible or not
  • Alec and Vincent reviewed my post to try and make it better
  • Students and Ms. Baker have reviewed and accepted many of my sources
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
  • I will contact a biologist that relates to my topic and gave me information about my topic by e-mailing him/her
  • I will ask the scientist/biologist to comment on my blog
  • I have e-mailed a paleontologist that relates to my topic, but she didn't e-mail me back
  • I asked her questions relating to my topic that will help me create a better post
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
  • I will review and comment on my classmates posts or comments if they want me to
  • I will comment to my classmates credible sources
  • I have accepted and looked over many of my peers' credible sources on the credible sources page. They are Sam, Mike, Vincent, and Geoffrey.
Discuss in-class assignments
  • I will discuss and relate my posts during class
  • I will discuss and relate my comments during class
  • I will discuss and show how my topic relates to evolution or biology
  • My topic relates to evolution because Ardi shows how humans became bipedal over time
  • Ardi is a stage in human evolution that wasn't found before, and is the point in time when our species started to walk on two legs
Apply creativity to work
  • I will use writing, videos, and other things that will draw my reader's attention
  • I have put videos and Creative-Commons licenced pictures on my blog post
  • I tried to put a catchy title that will draw my reader's attention

A New Way to View the Evolutionary Changes of Sex, Walking, and Human Evolution: Ardi
Human Evolution
Do you remember Lucy, and how she was the oldest piece of evidence we have that relates to human ancestry? Lucy was a big deal, because scientists thought that this could solve many questions and holes in details about evolution. However, on October 1, 2009, a skeleton named Ardi surpassed Lucy, by 1.2 million years! Ardi (Ardipithecus ramidus), a female fossil skeleton, was found in the Middle Awash Study Area in Ethiopia, in late 1994. Even though that there are earlier hominid fossils found, this one is the most significant because it has some fossils of at least 36 other individuals.

The most fascinating thing about Ardi is that she was bipedal, but quadruped when climbing trees. Like an ape, Ardi’s big toe is opposable, like an ape’s, so she can have a better grasp on tree limbs. However, in her foot, she has a special bone that helps Ardi walk bipedally; this bone is not in a chimpanzee’s foot. The bone was eventually lost during the lineages of chimps and gorillas. She also has a similar pelvis to humans. The upper part of the pelvis were positioned in a way where Ardi can walk, without moving side to side like a chimp. The lower part of the pelvis is like an ape’s, where it helps you climb and grasp limbs. She also didn’t walk on her knuckles. An article on how Ardi differs from apes is found on the National Geographic Website and on The UC Berkeley Website .

Not only did these changes occur, but the way organisms came about sex changed also: monogamous sex. All apes (especially males) have long upper canine teeth that can help them in fighting other organisms for mates. However, Ardi’s canine teeth were reduced in size, which can be seen as a change in social behavior. Instead of fighting for females, a male would gain her sexual loyalty by supplying her and her offspring with food. There are some theories that organisms started walking on two legs for sex. In those days, the environment wasn’t open grasslands and savannas, they were woodland. It is easier to walk on four legs in a woodland environment, thus, giving evidence for this theory.
Ardipithecus Ramidus Make-up
An article on this is found on Biology News Website .

The finding of Ardi’s fossils is a major breakthrough in the scientific world. Because of these findings, scientists’ views are altered about hominid ancestry. Ardi cancels out theories about when humans split up from apes, and other theories on our ancestry. Many scientists will weigh on Ardi and her fossils, to answer questions on the evolution of humans and the timeline of our ancestry. Ardi has already contributed much to the scientific community, altering thoughts and hypotheses greatly. Ardi’s fossils will be the oldest for a while, but until older ones are found, Ardi is the most important piece of evidence we have to answer questions about humans’ evoution.


To see a virtual tour of Ardipithecus ramidus and pictures of the findings, go to the Discovery Channel Website .

1) What is the evidence showing that organisms started walking bipedally for sex? Explain your answer. (On one of the sources, there is a link to an article on this question.)
2) What is your evidence showing that Ardi’s fossils are the greatest breakthrough in the study of human evolution? Explain you answer.

I sent a scientist that went on the expedition, Leslea Hlusko, but, unfortunately, she didn't e-mail back. This is the e-mail I sent her:

Dear Ms. Hlusko,
I am a student in New York City. I am fascinated by you and your colleagues' findings. I am especially interested in the fossil, Ardipithecus ramidus, that you uncovered late this year. I have read many articles on Ardi, but I wanted to get answers from a person that was there, when the fossil was found. I have a few questions about this topic, and about your thoughts and feelings.
1) When you and your team were roaming around the region, looking for fossils and evidence, who was the one that pointed out the fossil
2) When did you first realize that the fossil is actually the oldest piece of evidence that we have of hominids? When you did realize this, what were your reactions, what was going through your head?
3) How much time did it take to bring the hominid skeleton back to the lab?

If you have the time, please respond back to this e-mail.

Vincent- Good post- it needs creative commons pictures and hyperlinks. Good questions. This shows how science is ongoing and everyday we learn something new about evolution. Pictures and videos could make this more interesting and fun.
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