Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
  • Use the advanced searches in order to have only copyright resources
  • Double check the resources and compare them to other articles to check their credibility
  • I will only hyperlink addresses that are constantly updated by checked by a professional of that area
  • I will most my websites on the Credible Sources tab in order to know that it is valid and credible with the help of other students
  • I hyperlinked websites that are approved to scientists and professionals in biology.
  • I double checked the resources and articles and saw that they were credible.
  • I used the Copyright rules to search my pictures in flickr.
  • I hyperlinked the websites I used from the credible sources
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
  • Be able to interpret and summarize the articles into simpler and shorter contexts
  • Research about the article so that I'm familiar to the articles
  • I posted an article of a current biology news about the human brain.
  • I read two different articles about the blog post, so that I was sure my information was valid
  • I summarized two articles into a blog post.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
  • Only hyperlink credible and copyright authorized resources
  • Only hyperlink acceptable resources
  • Add secure quotes, images, videos, etc.
  • Try to add immoral facts
  • I hyperlinked an image of the human brain.
  • I hyperlinked a video of how a monkey uses his brain.
  • I hyperlinked a quote related to the human brain.
  • I hyperlinked the links of the websites I got my information from.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
  • Publish work in the blog so that other peers will be able to critize and therefore help me improve the information
  • Try to make a poll so that the people who see the wiki are able to critize my wiki and so help me change things around
  • I added a poll so that peers could comment if the information was helpful or not
  • I also added a section in which only peers could comment about my article for any suggestions
  • I added some credible sources
    • One
    • CIA - World Factbook
    • Human Brain
    • Science Mag
    • Neurology and Robotics
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
  • I will search websites or blogs that are profesionalized in the article I'm writing about
  • I will try to contact other scientists through blogs or wikis by emailing them and asking for them support or information
  • I hyperlinked a website in which different people were able to comment about the article.
  • I emailed a neurologist with some questions about the information I posted in the blog.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
  • Comment on flaws in a positive manner
  • Try to take part in the wikis of others
  • I approved and declined some credible sources.
    • Astronomy: Phoenixia
    • Institute for Vaccine Safety: Vincent
    • Horse Memory: Erin
    • American Memory Association: Geoffrey
  • I reviewed/suggested/critiqued Christian's blog post and his whole wiki page.
Discuss in-class assignments
  • Comment on the relation of what we are learning in class and of what is in the wiki
  • Try to relate my facts to biology
  • I added the information of the human brain which relates to evolution in how to become more fit of the best.
  • I made questions related to my article and the class activities
Apply creativity to work
  • Make an original Title
  • Add comments and personal opinion to the articles and information given
  • Add a cartoon or humorous thing associated to the article
  • Make a poll
  • I added a cartoon image of a brain.
  • I added questions so that the reader can have a more interactive experience
  • I added a poll for my wiki

Human Brain

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties -Jules Renard

How to improve your brain
Human Brain

Jong-Hyuk Park
Science – Ms. Baker

Everyone has a brain, but just how is it that people make their brains smarter?? Scientists have researched and have made conclusions that games and complex puzzles can help your brain focus and develop on certain areas for instance using logic and spotting things easily under harsh conditions like during a fog. Games and interaction can help your brain to improve in on-hand tasks, reflexes, and enhance the performance for your daily activities. Games not only help you in on-hand tasks but also help in improving memory and hand-eye coordination; which for instance is essential in the study of surgery.

Not only video games but even hands-on activities like juggling may help enhance your brain’s performance. Also sports help you use both parts of your brains, take for instance basketball and juggling. In basketball you have to use both left and right hands to dribble as you do in juggling, this proves that as you use each hand you improve the performance and consistence of both parts of your brain. Sports also enhance the body performance, body circulation, and health. Because the brain uses about 75% of the body’s energy, it is necessary for the body to be in good shape and fit for any circumstance. So in conclusion, it is very important to play sports and games in order to become smarter and better.

The Video Shows an example of how you could use soccer to improve your brain (reflexes)
homer's minibrain by m.a.r.c..
homer's minibrain by m.a.r.c..

How can you improve your brain? What other ways are there in order to improve your brain performance? What ways are not good for your brain to work properly? Does improving the brain's performance help you survive better?

Jong this looks pretty good i would just add the actual flickr picture instead of just the link to it but insert the link too ms baker likes that. however you should make th information on your ost a little more clear. at some parts i wasnt sure what you were trying to say. your pictures and videos are good and they are creative comments. yor hyperlinks go where they are sopposed to and your sentances sound very proper, overall good job. -christian

Beak - Island Lab Report

Beak Type
Round 1 Pop Size
Round 1 % Frequency
Round 2 Pop Size
Round 2 % Frequency
Round 3 Pop Size
Round 3 % Frequency
Round 4 Pop Size
Round 4 % Frequency
Round 5 Pop Size
Round 5 % Frequency





What was the most effective beak type??
At this rate, which beak typed bird would die first?

Was the information Complete, Okay, or Bad(mark with an X)





Hey, welcome to my wiki. My favorite hobbies are soccer and rockclimbing, so you might be learning about rockclimbing as you look on through my wiki. Have fun

Rockclimbing and Soccer370334116_783c42a0c8.jpg
Improving your brain and body
"I love climbing because it feels so good when I stop..." — Karl 'we're all nuts' Baba.