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biology_pic.jpg<-- A Dinosour roaming around.

Blog Project:

Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
•Websites, such as Wikipedia, will not be used because they may be edited by anyone. However,creditable sources from the page of accepted ones will be used.
•I did this by giving constructive critisizm to Amy, Adam, Guy, Lionel, and Mike S. This allowed me to critique whether or not their sources were creditable.
•For my blog I used sites such as Elasmo Research, Oceanology and the Florida Museum of Natural History.
•These sites are mainly creditable because of the fact that they are from an organization such as a .org or .edu. One is mainly used for educational purposes and the other does just specific research for their topic.
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
•I will write posts on exciting things in the science world that are discussed in the media.
•A website I found in searching the internet was Science Daily , it is used by scientists and edited by them on a daily basis.
•I did this by reading the website. I also read several different sites to help me get more information about my blog so I could have the information correct. I did not plagiarise or copy any blog or comment from a different site.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
•I will put correct hyperlinks into my blog and have it edited by my peers.
•I did this by adding hyperlinks to all my sources and pictures. I also did this to my videos and some words in my paragraphs where it showed that I did not plagiarise.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
•I will try to have my blog post on my wiki so i can have it peer reviewed by several students before handing it to Ms. Baker.
•I will do this by having questions on my page and by asking my peers for ways to improve my blog.
•I did this by putting up questions on my blog and i got my questions answered by Adam and Mike L . This helped me a lot because I got very good information from them which helped me with my photos and to add certain information to my blog.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
•I could send a polite e-mail to a biologist in that field to have him or her possibly edit it or give me some information.
•I sent a polite e-mail to Kirsten Tomlinson from Oceanology to get information on my Blog Post. Kirsten Tomlinson gave me some key information which did help me.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
•I will write a creative comment on how I could help them improve their blog. Also, I would like to give consumerist criticism to provide them with useful information.
•I wrote on Mike L's page, Phoenixia's page, Matt C's page, Adam's page and also Guy's page.
•I wrote comments by putting useful information to help my peers create a better blog. I did this by recommending different ways to improve their post which is an important aspect in blogging.
Discuss in-class assignments
•I will comment on posts that have direct information to that subject and try to make an improvement or comment on how well it is written.
•I improved my blog by the information I was given by my peers.
Apply creativity to work
•I will make a show or a video such as a cartoon in order to apply creativity for a blog. This will help others who are reading my blog and do not understand it get a better meaning out of it.
•I posted a video on my wiki and I also posted a picture about my topic. I used creativity because sharks are hard to be found sleep swimming because they live in the water.

How Do Sharks Swim While Asleep?

Sharks are very different in several ways, one being that they can swim while being asleep. We don’t fully know if sharks swim because there have been reports of sharks resting motionless in caves. They are called sleeping sharks. Sharks are more active during the night than the day. Most studies say sharks don’t swim while sleeping. All sharks are different through some studies, because you can’t monitor the sharks that well at night. This is because you can’t see them.
Sharks can’t sleep though in a full mode. They must constantly move in order to live. They need water that is rich with oxygen to stay alive. Not all sharks though need to swim constantly. Some shut off part of their brain and they stay at a somewhat active restful period. While sharks are doing this, they are like humans the sleep unconscious but, sharks are still moving and fell what is going on. The reason they can do this is that we know that the ‘Central Pattern Generator ’ that keeps swimming movements in sharks is in their spinal cord not their brain which lets them do this. Sharks still move while sleeping though because the fact that they are still awake but they can rest a part of the brain if they want, which means they still have the power to swim.

Scientist E-Mail

Sharks do not go into deep sleep like humans do. Instead they have
active periods and restful periods. During restful periods parts of
the shark's brain are less active, but they can continue to swim. If
you look online there is a lot of research that has been done on this
topic and you can find more detailed information.


Kirsten Tomlinson

This picture below is a a shark found swimming. He looks like he is dead but they stay closer to the ground while sleep swimming. This is not done for a specific reason it is just innate to the shark.
Here is a video of a nurse shark swim sleeping. Notice its eyes are closed.

Sleeping Nurse Shark

JP | MySpace Video

1. What do sharks do while sleep swimming?
2. What is a 'Central Pattern Generator?

I like your section on the sleeping sharks. You did good with inserting links into your paragraphs, but i think you have to go a little more in depth on why they actually move when asleep. You also need a picture on your page that specifies that it is allowed for reuse. At the end of your section you need to add questions for views to answer and elaborate on your post. Over all i believe your doing a great job just keep up the good work.

-Michael Langford

​ This blog post was really intresting. I never knew that when sharks sleep they are still activily moving. But like Micheal said, there needs to be more information on why they move while their sleeping. The picture has also proven to be a creative commons picture to. Great Job. -Adam