Blue Light v.s. Bacteria
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Most can remember the panic of staph infection during last winter, but now a cure has been found. Staph infection caused a large panic because it is resistant to antibiotics. Few people know that the antibiotic-resistant staph infection can actually be destroyed with blue light. Staph infection became resistant to methicillin, which is a new antibiotic. The bacteria became resistant because it needed to survive in its environment. The blue light used in the study was 470 nm (wavelengths) blue. The study resulted in the higher dose of light led to more bacteria destroyed. Though blue light does not emit UV radiation it is affective in destroying the bacteria.
Most know about gingivitis is but untreated gingivitis leads to another disease. A disease called periodontitis a disease caused by untreated gingivitis that can lead to loss of teeth. Periodontitis is also affected by blue light. Similar to staph infection the bacteria known to cause this disease are photosensitive to blue light. The affect of blue light and bacteria was noticed when a blue light used for teeth whitening decreased the inflammation of gums. Research shows that there can be over 700 kinds of bacteria found in plaque on teeth. One of those bacteria is black pigment bacteria which is associated with periodontitis. These bacteria contain porphyrins which are photosensitive and are killed by light in seconds. The porphyrins absorb blue light more than green or red light making the blue lights an effective cure.

What other bacteria is affected by light? Are there other colors that affect bacteria? What diseases have become resistant to antibiotics?

Good use of sources. This is an interesting post. I think that you should break it down into more paragraphs. This is a well written post though.
Good job Jeremy!

I agree with Clark, this is a very well written post. I think the information is very interesting and informative, but it is very compact, and reads very fast. I think you should add more sentences that appeal to a person's senses. For example, at the beginning of your second paragraph, you could add something like, "Do you know what periodontitis is? Most people do not off the top of their head." Or something else to ease into the next paragraph. Once again, Great post!

- Ryan J.

This post sorces and questions are good but you need to explain your vocabulary like tell everone what gingvitus porphyrins. Aso you should include your picture not just a link. Other than that it is a great post.


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A centriole is a small organelle that is found in the cytoplasm of most Eukaryotic cells. During mitosis the centrioles split the cell apart into two by dividing the spindle.

My five favorite things ever:
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My favorite thing that I learned this year was operant conditioning. This subject led to my goldfish post on the blog which I thought was very cool.