1. Follow all of the directions below
2. Post at least one comment to the blog
3. Email at least one idea you have for a blog post to


As part of your semester blog project, you must write two blog posts and 15 blog comments. Follow these directions to learn how to do this.

1. Go to Open this in a new window so that you can easily return to this page.

2. Familiarize yourself with the format of the blog (i.e. know where to find things).

3. Look through some of the most recent blog posts and find a post that you would like to respond to. Write a comment to that post using the following guidelines:

a) You must read all articles and follow all links provided in the post before writing your comment.
b) DO NOT use the 9th grade comments as an example for the kind of comment you should write!!! You are an AP student and much more is
expected of you.
c) Make your comment educated and well thought out. A blog is a conversation. Your comment should continue the conversation that was started on
the post.

Example of a Poor Comment

Hey man, that was an awesome post. I didn't know anything about this before your post. I really liked the part where you mentioned this and that. Great job!

Example of a Good Comment

You asked some important questions. Here are my answers. I read the article you provided and I liked where it mentioned this and that. What do you think the author meant when they wrote that statement? I didn't understand this part in your post. Can you explain what you mean? I found another source online that deals with this topic, but it goes into more detail or it disagrees with what you say (provide link). What do you think about it?

4. Now that you've learned how to write a good comment you are ready to learn how to write a good blog post. Read the handout, “Top Ten Ways to Write a Good Blog Post.”

5. Writing on the internet is only slightly different from writing on paper. You still must cite all of your sources! Failure to do so is plagiarism! But, citing is so easy! I'm going to assume that you will be using mostly online references to find information. When you are writing a sentence about something you found online, include the link to the online source within that sentence or at the end of it. For example:

This AJC article says that Atlanta's main source of water, Lake Lanier, will run out in three months.

Click on that link within the sentence. Where does it take you? For most programs, inserting a hyperlink is usually done by clicking on "insert" in the menu and then clicking on "hyperlink." Other programs have the chain icon like the one in the toolbar on the wiki. It really is quite easy once you get the hang of it! Of course, if you need to cite something that is not online then you must use the standard research paper format with a works cited listed at the bottom.

6. Now start searching for an idea for your very own blog post. Here are some of my favorite online databases of great biology news:

Biology News Net Science Daily Headlines New Scientist National Science Foundation Scirus

1. Finish this assignment.
2. Read chapter 2.