movie.jpg Guy's

Saving Private Ryan
Year: 1998
Director: Steven Spielberg
Winner of 5 Oscars

Hobbies and things i like: I like to play sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. I also like to hang out with my friends. One of my favorite things are movies. When I am older I want to be a movie director/ screen play writer or a major leage baseball player. My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite baseball team is The New York Yankees and my favorite player on the Yankees is Derek Jeter. My favorite movie of all time is Saving Private Ryan.

Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
  • I could meet this expectation by seeing if it has a well known author. I could also look to see were the information came from. I could also check it by using a book top check if the information is correct.
  • I met this abiltiy by getting more backround information on the topic. I also searched for a link on the author's name to see other work he/she did. And to find out some backround information on the author. I checked for hyperlinks, last time it was updated. I also made sure no one could change the information.
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
  • I could reaserch the article i am reading by looking for more information on the topic. I could also make sure I am reading the news from a creditable website.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
  • I type in what i am am looking for . On google and use the first results because they are more used by people and usally have the best information. I could also use advanced searches.
  • I went on some of the credible blog sorces listed by Miss. Baker. Then when i found a topic I was interested in I searched it on google to see if i could find any more information on it. I checked if each website was credible.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
  • Check if the work is written by a well known scientist. Try to find an article that limits opinion as much as posibble
  • When I visited a website with information I needed. I checked to see if the author was an expert in the field. I also checked to see when the website was las edited. I also made sure that nobody could edit the page. Then when I aproved it my self I listed the website on the credible sources page, so my classmates can review the website and accept or decline it as a credible source.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
  • I would find a way to contact a biologist. Like profestional or a teacher. Then i would send them a link so they could check out the published work and then tell me if it is credible or not.
  • I went on google searched for scientist that are experts on vitamin D. When i found a scientist I looked for information on her. On the website I found that she was a science profesor in Boston. I visited the school's website. She had a phd so she had the rank of a doctor. I emailed her and asked her a question about Vitamin D. She didn't answer my email, but I made the attemt.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
  • I will try to be as nice as possible. Give them suggestions on what they could do. I could also tell them some websites to check out that helped me.
  • I chose to review Matt's blog on Aye-Ayes. The major question was if Aye-Ayes see in color. I used the peer review sheet. I commented on his blog by telling him that everything was done well, but he should add some more information on the Aye-Ayes. I looked at other class mates blogs to see what i should add or get rid of. Also to tell them what they should do diffrently.
Discuss in-class assignments
  • look at a lot of other blogs and how they did it. Then i could share that informationg in class. Or research about other topics to have backrond informatin on their topic.
  • I did a lot of my blog inclasses dedicated to the blog. I ask Ms. Baker what i should do or shouldnt do. I also asked her questions on things i didn't understand. For example, I didn't use pictures that were labled for reuse. She also told me I only had to have a link to the picture.
Apply creativity to work
  • Create videos and pictures on the particular topic.
  • To give as much of a visual as possible.
  • Another way would be to do experiments with the topic.
  • I included several creative commons pictures. I also added situations I had with the topic. For example, in the first paragraph I wrote down what made me write this blog. I also treid to find a topic that could relate to almost every kid and teen. Another thing I did was I provided information on experiments scientist did on the particular topic.
How does vitamin D improve Brain function?
Ever since I was little teachers told me before a big test to eat a big breakfast and get your vitamin D. I always asked myself why? What does eating breakfast have anything to do with doing well on a test? There were so many questions about this little statement “eat a good breakfast.” I asked these questions year after year. I still do so I was determined to find an answer; that would answer all my questions. (photo)
Many people look at vitamin D as a vitamin that helps prevent skin cancer. It has also been looked at in a different way. Scientist has found that vitamin D has fat-soluble nutrition’s hormone activity level, which affects the function of the brain. It largely affects the memory. For example, a test looked at 3,000 men aged 49-70. The ones who had higher vitamin D levels had a better memory. (photo)
Another study in England; directed by neuroscientist David Llewellyn of Cambridge University. He examined more than 3,000 men and woman; ages 65 and older. The subjects were divided into groups based on their Vitamin D levels. The groups were severely deficient, deficient, border line, and optimum. After they were tested; they found that the subjects with lower levels of vitamin D performed poorer on the mental test. The subjects with higher levels of vitamin D preformed better on the mental test.

What Foods contain high Levels of Vitamin D?

Milk is very high in Vitamin D. Foods that consist of high levels of vitamin D are: cod liver oil, margarine, butters, cheeses, herring, kippers, salmon, mackerel, breakfast cereal, and eggs. A good big breakfast also contains a lot of vitamins. (photo)

I finally know why teachers tell us to eat a good breakfast before a big test. This is because vitamin D strengthens the memory. That doesn’t mean any more studying because it helps you recall what you studied the nights before. (photo)

How much Vitamin D do you need and how do you get it?
What does Vitamim D improve in your body when consumed?

You must add 2-3 science based questions to the bottom of the post. Also you must link your picture from where you got it so i can varify it is a creative commons picture. Also take off the " Saving Private Ryan " on the top. -Matt C

Guy this is a great post but there should be about two or three questions on your blog. Also when you re-edit this page just put the links on the pictures to verifty that you can have it for reuse. Other than that, the other hyperlinks are done well and everything else is fine and the chart is starting to look good because the information is right. -Jesse