Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
I did not except the stjudes website due to the fact that it has not been revised since April 2003 and it has no original author
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

*Use credible sources and wethe.
I have accepted and also use the biology news website in the credible sources website because it is frequently updated and is written by scientists.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
*Read and re-ead the information if still no understood look up topic from a credible source.
. I have read articles pertaining to biology on this site multiple times and got my wolf post idea from this site under recent articles.

.Of my post on my wiki page I have read and underliner the important facts and reread the of the black wolf article on biology news website

In my wolf post about how black wolves are becoming more and more popular
I did not know what the word predominantly means so I looked into it and it means to have ascendancy power authority or influence over others.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

*I will not alter the origional site i will site the information and or put it in quotes.
I have found pictures that pertain to the topic of my blogs and have took students advice when they have commented on my posts and have suggested using another credible source for my wolf post.

Publish work that is
available for peer-review
*I willw write all work on class website and will post a link to my blog.
*I will peer review my classmates blog post ideas and critque them.

I have used credible websites for others to evaluate and look at on my posts as hyperlinks

Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

*I will research biologists that are studing the same topic.
I e-mailed a scientist by the name of Greg Laden who has wrote a page on the cave bears and is in the field witch pertains to my latest post on cave bears. I have asked for help in understanding what exactly cave bears eat.

Provide constructive
peer-review to
*I will only put forth creative critizem and write things that make sense.
I commented on eriks blog and and asked about the topic at hand. What scienstests are doing to better our world.
Discuss in-class

*I will write down assignments.

Apply creativity
to work
*I will add pictures and or vidieos to my posts

I made a bitstrip about my post on cave bears

external image lacrossex.jpg
My name is dylan
I am greatly interested in the sport of lacrosse.
This year Miss Bakers biology class has been a blast. I enjoyed the cockroach experiment and the time we went outsid to observe animal behaviors around the school. when we did the cockroach experiment we put a cockroach in a y shaped maze. We tested if there was a female sockrosach in one hall and no coachroach in the other which hall it would choose to go down. The maze and how the female was obtained is shown in the picture. .
here is a great vidieo hope you like it

this is a vidieo on a cell
these are the websites i used for my information

Wolves are very majestic and fierce animals. They are beautiful but at the same time frighting. The wolf family was a survivor of the ice age. They have been in existence for about 300,000 years.

There has been an increase of
black wolves in the tundra environment today. Lots more black wolves are being spotted rather then white and gray wolves. Black wolves are the first example of wolves being genetically engineered by people. As global warming increases, the snow in the tundra is melting. This means that the wolves must adapt to their environment. The population of white wolves is going down. A black wolf allows it self to blend in better to the environment and be more camouflaged while hunting. “The researchers note that the relationship between coat color and habitat is often attributed to adaptation and natural selection”.

The color in the wolves’ fur might also be affected by the domestic dogs in their environment. “Researchers traced the source of the dominant gene responsible for dark color in wolves to domesticated dogs and conclude the trait was passed to the gray wolf population by the wolves mating with domestic dogs”. This is a result of humans raising dogs as pets in the area.

Dylan, this is a pretty good post, but you need more sources than just one, also have your put this source on the reliable sources list? Also, I do not get what you are trying to say, besides the black wolves are taking over, but what is happening to the white and Grey wolves? Try to do a little more research on the topic and get more sources.
revised by Clark

Dylan This is a cool post. First off having two or three sources is a lot more than having just one, as Clark said. If you only have one source, as you do, it can make your post seem opinion based more than fact, simply because people can point out you only used one source. But anyhow, Clark I dont think dylan is just trying to show the black wolfs are taking over, i think hes trying to point out how wolves have evolved. The increasing number of black wolfs is due to climate change, and there being fewer and fewer arctic enviroments around the world. The wolves that survived the ice age started off having lighter colored coats, because of adaption to camoflauge. Now that wolves have migrated from alaska(which is where most of the wolves that survied the ice age lived)there skin has adapted to help camoflauge them in different enviroments, thats why you have different colored wolves. Good post all together though dylan. I found some good info on wolves here.
This comment was done by David : )


Did you know that there once lived a bear that was twice the size of the bears today? This bear was called a cave bear. Grown male cave bears I usually
2,200 pounds. These animals were herbivores. They had a certain diet and fed of certain plants. This animal’s skeletal structure was very similar to a brown bear.

Why this animal is so significant you may ask? These animals were spread out all over Europe. Scientists have recently discovered that cave bears died about
27,800years ago. This is 13 millennia years earlier then previously believed. As said in the previous paragraph these animals relied o a certain plant for there survival. When the climate changed and the temperature dropped the vegetation that this animal depended on died also.

How tall exactly were cave bears?
Why don’t they eat meat?

Dylan this is a really good post, but you might want to give it a title, and add creativity, you have some gramtical errors, and you might want to actually answer the question "why don't they eat meat?" in your paragraph to make it longer, and you could come up with another question.
Sam F: Good post dylan! Some suggestions are to increase the length and to add a picture. Your hyperlinks seemed fine and overall it was a good post.