Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart.

I wonder… does an intellectual test really define your intellectual deficiencies? How does an IQ test really define how smart or how not smart you are? What exactly is an IQ test? An IQ test stands for Intelligence Quotient. It indicates the person’s mental abilities relative to others approximately the same age. They measure your abilities, how much information you can hold in your mind, memory capacity, and your abstract reasoning. Even though it does all these things, is it really accurate?

An IQ test can measure your intellectual deficiencies, but it cannot measure your intelligence in everyday life. An IQ test cannot measure your rational thinking skills, which you use in everyday life. David Perkins once said, “A high IQ is like height in a basketball player.” Which means there’s more to being a good basketball player than being tall, just like there’s more to be smart than a high IQ.

There is one problem with IQ tests. They can deliberate our intellectual skills, but they cannot deliberate our skills to handle everyday situations. “They tend to have more knowledge with which to make better decisions,” says Christoper Ferguson. They mostly measure your academic intelligence, rather than your intelligence in everyday situations.

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-In what other ways can you determine being smart besides being intelligent?

- How were IQ tests designed and created?

Student Expectations
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I will gather as much information as I can from credible sources.
I got information from the credible sources, read the articles, and hyper linked key words on my page. I recognized the sites I used for this particular blog report were credible sources and good for this blog report because they gave a good amount of information that was related to my topic. The sites also had pictures, links, and up to date information.
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I e-mailed David Perkins, who quoted "Having a high IQ is like height in a basketball player." He never got back to me though. I e-mailed him asking him a question I had that was related to the topic being discussed in my blog.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
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I approved credible sources that other classmates listed. I commented on Erin's blog page. I used proper, appropriate language. I also gave her peer review to improve her blog, while staying on the topic.
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Vasiliki and Erin commented on my page, I took their advice they game to criticize my page to improve my page. If any one else comments on my page I will make sure I will stay on topic and use appropriate language and stay on the topic, making it more interesting.
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Vasiliki--- I like how you used hyperlinks and the chart that kept a record of how you met your expectations.
Suggestions: When using hyperlinks I suggest that you shouldn't post the long adress and just have a word with the hyperlink in it.

Erin- Your topic is very interesting, the only things that I think you could improve on is posting the picture directly on the page. Your chart should be filled out by the end of the project so Ms. Baker can grade everything. Also, hyperlink your sources to the text instead of posting the URL. The last thing I have to suggest is adding one or two more questions on the bottom.