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Does energy cycle throughout an ecosystem? Explain your answer and give an example to back it up. (Will)

Name the 3 types of consumers, and what they eat. (Max)

How many trophic levels are usually in a food chain?
a) 6
b) 5
c) 9
d) 4

break down organic waste. (morgan)

A process in which atmospheric gases trap heat close to earth's surface is(Billy)

Which of the following groups is absolutely essential to the functioning of an ecosystem?
a.) producers
b.) producers and herbivores
c.) producers, herbivores, and carnivores
d.) detritivores
e.) producers and detritivores

Is the 3rd Trophic level. (Roger)

What average percentage of energy does an organism get from eating an organism of the trophic level below it?
A. 10%
B. 50%
C. 90%
D. 40%

The rate at which producers in an ecosystem build biomass is called _. (Jake)

Explain the difference between energy distribution and the chemical distribution. (ali)

Why does the energy decrease in an energy pyramid as the trophic level increases? (Alex)

An animal that eats only other producers is a. (Richie)
A) Herbivore
B) Carnivore
C) Omnivore

Humans are on the _ trophic level. (Charlotte)

Plants and autotrophs are called _ because they convert inorganic material to organic compunds. (Steph)

Energy is
a) created
b) destroyed
c) both
d) neither

There are _ levels on the ecology pyramid/food chain. (Lauren)

During photosynthesis the producers use the sun's energy to link _ together to make food. (taylor)

Define what a pyramid of numbers does. (Rachel S.)

Which trophic level is a mouse found at?
A.Primary producers
B. Primary consumers
C.Secondary consumers
(Jen M.)

An animal that eats both meat and vegetation is called a_?
(Stephen D)

What is an example of a food chain and what are the trophic levels? (Brantley)

A eats only other consumers. (Monica)

Humans are at what trophic level?
A. Primary Consumers
B. Quatinary Predators
C. Primary Producers
D. Secondary Consumers

What are autotrophs?

1. Plants and other autotrophs are called producers because they
a. produce organic compounds
b. convert to one form to another
c. branch food webs together
d. convert inorganic material to organic compounds [codie]

List three effects of Deforestation:

Does the energy create energy? or not explain it.

If an animal is an Omnivore what level is it in?
A. Primary Producer
B. Primary Consumer
C. Secondary Consumer
D. Tertiary Consumer

Explain the difference between ecology and environmentalism.
(Grant T)

Name the 3 types of pyramids and what they explain, (kristen)

What sampling technique would be best to study the size of a population on trees?
a) indirect counting
b) mark-recapture
c) quadrants

Producers convert sunlight into what kind of energy? (Emily R)

Name the all of the sampling techniques, and which set of organisms would be sampled by each
of the sampling techniques. (Graham C.)

Define a chemosynthetic organism.

What are the characteristics of a population and define them.
( Sebastiana)

Energy is never _ or . (Grant W.)
What does the number pyramid represent? (Peter)

What is eutrophication and how has it affected the world's streams and ponds? (Caroline)

Humans are _ consumers.
a. tertiary
b. primary
c. quaternary
d. secondary
( Michael )

What is the value of a country's final output of goods and services in a year? (SALLY)

Compare and contrast seondary consumers and primary consumers. (Danny)

Which of the following are causes of extinction? (Matt)
A. pollution
B. over hunting/ over fishing
C. introduced species
D. all of the above
E. none of the above

The pattern of feeding represented by an interconnected and branching food chain is called what? (Cooper)
What was Thomas Malthus’s prediction?( Kat - late because of sickness)