Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

  • I will follow the rules and explain why my source is creditable.
I have met this expectation by evaluating credible sources on the credible sources page.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
  • I will research a topic and write something about it.

Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

  • I will put a link to the website where I found my info.
I have had my source approved by a classmate.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
  • I will talk to other students about my post.

Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

  • I will find other people who are writing about the same topic and discus it with them.

Provide constructive
peer-review to
  • i will ask my classmates about anything they have written.
I have looked at a post that frank has put on his page and I talked with him about it.
Discuss in-class

  • I will find other posts that are disusing what we are doing in class.

Apply creativity
to work
  • I will find cool pictures for posts.