nucleusfigure1.jpgThe nucleus is kind of like the brain of the cell. It controls everything that goes on in the cell. The nucleus controls the cell and every part, and gives every part a function.

Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

  • citing my sources correctly
  • finding correct sources
  • not using wikipedia
  • using sources that on the credible sources list
I have met this expectation by helping evaluate credible sources on the credible sources page. I also met this expectation by evaluating the posts and seeing if there sources were credible.
I met this expectaion also by reveiwing sources, checking if they had copyright dates, who the author was, if the sources was a known/ credible source.
I have only found one source, that was unriliable from about the 4 or 5 I have evaluated.
The sources I used on my post were accepted as reliable sources, by other members of the blog. My sources were reliable, and up to date they said.
Sam F: This source seems fine because It has been updated recently, the links work and it has an author.
Frank B. This source seems pretty reliable.
Justin S.; This source seems very reliable been updated recently.
That was for one of my sources, and here is the other one.
I rejected a source called
I wrote,
This website does not look that reliable, because there are no links, the do not go in to any depth at all for the animals, they just list the animals that are endangered, but the do not have any links what so ever.

Sam F
Frank B.
This site seems credible, it has proper links, and an author.
This source seems fine because all of the links work, it has a date and the author for the article.
This source is very credible and reliable.

Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
  • by going to websites or reviewing
books that are biology related
  • also by searching websites that are credible sources
I have met this expectation by evalutating whether a source is biology related, on the Credible Sources page. I have also read and understood current biology news, by reading science daily, everyday and going to the sections, that has to do with Health & Medicine, and Plants & Animals.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

  • By citing sources
  • by adding links to my sources
I have met this requirement by citing sources, that are credibl, that were alsoapproved by my fellow classmates. Also I met it by adding links to all my sources, as you can see below.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
  • by putting it publicly on the wiki
  • by asking people to review my blogs and comments.
  • also by asking Miss Baker if my blog is grammatically correct
I have met this requirement, by publishing my blog on my wiki. My fellow classmates also offered to peer-review my blog, and I had Jeremy review my comment on Brandon's post, before I published it.
I also had my work peer-reviewed by Jeremy and Logan, which made it peer-reviewable.
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

  • when they comment on my blog or comment on a post, go to their website
  • talk to them
  • find their opinion on the subject
I met this goal, by witting to Dr. Palmer, who in turn was not a biologist, but gave me a credible source. Also she told me some things about Down Syndrome, which were helpful.


I don't study Down Syndrome so I am not the best person to answer your questions. I think maybe this website would help you write your report:

keep in mind as you write your essay than Down Syndrome and cancer are different kinds of diseases. Down Syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome, which is a piece of DNA. The reason it is very similar from person to person is that everyone with Down Syndrome has the same extra piece of DNA which causes Down Syndrome.

But there are many different causes of cancer. For example, if you smoke you might get lung cancer. If you drink you might get esophageal cancer. And some people get brain cancer for no known reason at all. Cancer is a very mysterious illness. Did you see that President Obama talked about how important it is to cure cancer in his address to congress yesterday? I don't know if scientists will ever cure either cancer or Down Syndrome completely, but the only way to find out is to do more research and learn more.

good luck!

jessica palmer, PhD

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Clark


Dear Dr. Palmer, I am writing to you on behalf of my blog about Down's Syndrome, I saw that you wrote a blog on Down's Syndrome, from science blogs. I am a student in Miss Bakers Biology Class. Here is our website I have a few questions for you about Down's Syndrome, I was hoping you could answer them. One of them is, do you think that scientists or doctors could ever find a cure for Down's Syndrome. My second is are there any treatments, that people with Down's Syndrome can go through? My final question is if Down's Syndrome is a horrible disease how come there are all different forms of the disease for people, because cancer is a common disease, how come people have the same types of cancer? And why would there people with Down's Syndrome have the same types of Down's Syndrome?
Thank you Dr. Palmer

Provide constructive
peer-review to
  • by giving them advice
  • helping them when they are writing a post
I have provided constructive peer-review to Will Bragunier's post called, " A Need For Play", I gave him advise about how to critique his post, also I fixed all his gramatical mistakes. I also helped him with citing sources.
Discuss in-class

  • by helping others out with their project
  • make posts related to class
  • ask people for help with in class things for blog day
I made a post, that is below, on Down Syndrome, when I made the post, we were talking about the DNA structure in class. The reason, I posted it late, though is because Logan edited my post for me pretty late. I also met this goal, by asking people for advise and for help, on the blog day for our class. I also helped Jeremy with writting a post.
Apply creativity
to work
  • Using creative websites
I believe I met this goal, by using bit strips, to make my post more interesting and creative. I also made my post having to do with on Down Syndrome, and based off what I heard from fox five when interviewing a scientist, that was experimenting with the DNA of a person with Down Syndrome, and how his hypothesis was based off other scietists, like my character named Bill, in my comic strip.

Does DNA Have to do With Down Syndrome?
DNA rendering by ynse.
DNA rendering by ynse.

photo source

There have always been studies on what DNA affects. This is something I decided to write because we were learning about DNA, and this article actually has something to do with DNA. Down Syndrome is a disease that is caused when a person has an extra chromosome, 21. Most people have a pair of 23 chromosomes combining for 46 chromosomes in total. A person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. People with Down syndrome have body features that are different than the average person, also they are mentally slow. Depending on how bad Down syndrome is in a person, depends on how they can learn and develop.
People do not just get Down syndrome out of nowhere, it is genetically transferred. It is not like cancer where you can get it at any time. Down syndrome, is something you are born with. For babies there is no way of telling if you have Down syndrome, until you start developing skills. About half of babies born with Down syndrome have heart conditions. Everyone who has Down syndrome has a different type. It is not like you have a twin that has the same conditions of Down syndrome, because no matter what, everyone in the world has something unique about them, even if they are twins.
Down Syndrome is diagnosed in 1 out of every 800 children born. There has still been no common cure for Down Syndrome, but hopefully someday one scientist will find a cure.
Is Down syndrome related to Autism? Can Down syndrome be cured?

2. This is a great post and you picked a good topic relating to class. You may want to add one more question other than that its good.
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Hi my name is Clark... I am interested in sports, current events, music, and many more. My favorite part of biology is when we did the lab with Substance X, we tested how fast using a syringe and gauz and see how fast the things made apple sauce.
Here is one of my favorite videos...

Purpose of mitosis Growth, Repair, developmentTo produce Daughter cells that are identical copies of the parent cell.Mitosis- Cell diffusion Cancer- loss of cell controlAll cancer is due to genetic mutationMost mutations occur during an individuals lifetime and are not inherited (although some people have inherited a genetic predisposition for a higher likelihood that mutations will occur)
In Cancer,Oncogenes- genes that control certain cells signals that activate cell division
Tumor-repressor genes- genes that restrain cell growth
become mutated and do not work properly
Cancer: loss of cell control
The signals that turn on the cell cycle remain on and the signals that block proliferation remain offDivision does not stopCancer cells, if given a continual supply of nutrients, are immortal A mass of abnormal cells called a tumor formA benign- cells remain at the original siteA malignant tumor- cells have migratedapoptosis- when cells kill themselvesHenrietta Lacks was the involuntary donor of cells from her cancerous to create an immortal cell line for medical researchThis is now known as the HeLa cell line. Cervical CancerNotes on Darwin Video
Darwin lived in Downhouse England

1. Language you use.
Rabbits did not become resistant, you either are or are not. 90% of the virus was not fit to survive in the enviornment.
Resitant to the virus
in order for natural selection to occur
the offspring that were there in 1957 were mostly resistant
introduce a preedtor species
ebola- an infection that lasts 3-4 days and then die. THE HOST WILL DIE AND SO WILL THE VIRUS.

Speciation- How new species arise.
a species- is a gropip whose members can interbreed and produce viable offspring
speciation occurs, thorugh reproduction isolation and evolution, two populations become so genetically dissimiliar that theu are no longer able to interbreed.
Prezygotic (no fertilization) Reproduction Isolation
Habitat Isolation
then Temoiral Isolation
after that Behavioral Isolation
Matting attempt
Mechanical Isolation
Genetic Isolation
= Fertilization
postzygotic(after fertilization) REPRODUCTIVE iSOLATION
Reduced Hybrid Viability+ Reduced Hybrid Fertility+ Hybrid Break down= viable fertile offspring
Evolution: of a species can occurr with or without geographic isolation:
Allopatric speciation- geographic isolation
Sympatric speciation- without geographis isloation
non random mating.
ex. Sickle back fish

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