Hello everyone, my name is christopher, you can also call me elizabeth. I like to run. I also like to talk also.My favorite animals are tigers, monkeys, elephants, lions, bears, alligators, dinosaurs, tasmanian devils, turtles, panthers, cheetas, kangaroo, wombat, frogs, sloths, ant eaters, whales, dolphins, sharks, walrusus, seal, dragons, lizards, snakes, panda bear, koala, zebras, gorillas, platypuss, cougars, and especially BIRDS.
i love birds!!!<3 :)

nazca booby video

Nazca Booby

A Nazca Booby is a type of bird on the Galapagos Islands. The Nazca Booby has reddish- pink to an orange color beak as an adult. They are very aggressive birds and very strong. Nazca Boobies are a huge problem for population of birds on the Nazca tectonic plate, while their relatives the Masked Booby has a yellow beak and black tail is a popular bird around the tropical islands. The Nazca Booby is mostly a marine bird that mostly eats fish and only comes to the shore to nest or roost.

The Nazca Boobies are starting to have a problem with their male hormone levels, male and female. These hormones that are being elevated are called androgens, which cause an aggressive behavior. They are starting to adapt this murderous behavior once they hatch out of the egg and murder their own siblings in the nest. After a couple days of hatching the older sibling wipes out the younger because for the parent Nazca Booby it’s harder to parent more than one bird.

What causes this murderous behavior? Why is this happening?

you should put more creativity and have some more pictures and videos.

Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
I am going to go on the website and examine the page very carefully for the dates that everything has been updated, who the author is, where the links go to, and if the site is credible. Wen i go onto a website i will make sure that it is not copy rited and it's credible. On google i go to the advanced searched and change the settings to the not copy rited websites and make sure it's filtered so no pop ups come on or nothing innapropiate pops up.
I searched for credible sources on a search engine and the sources I picked had current dates of updating and had links to other credible sources. I also put the websites on the credible sources page and it got accepted by 3 other peers.
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
I am going to read over the news a couple times so i get a good undersatnding of the meaning of the news is. If i don't understand a word or a sentence i am going to do anything to figure it out.
It is easy to understand the news that I read. It wasn't hard to pick out the information that was useful and come up with a topic for my blog quickly.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
I will hyperlink correctly all my sources, videos, and pictures and use a filtered search engine.
All my hyperlinks go to my credible sources, a creative commons picture, and a video. All the hyperlinks work also.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
When i put up something on my page or the wiki i will make sure that it is easy for my peers to answer to and it is a credible source where i got my information from so it is correct.
All my work on my page is easy for my peers to read and it is easy to see where the hyperlinks go to and what it will be about.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
I will make sure i know most of things the field im studying and the biologist is studying. This will make me more confident talking to him and answering questions.
I emailed a scientist that was studying the behavior of the bird i was researching and its behavior.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
I will answer their posts with good answers that have information from another credible source or their credible source.
I have read over my partners page many times and i think that it has great credible sources and information. He did a great a job and i always update him with feedback to make his blog better and he does the same for me.
Discuss in-class assignments
Be very responsive and use the comments that other peers have wrote on my page.
For in class assignments i've been using the feedback i get to polish up my blog and answer questions correctly. So far i think that this blog helped a lot with in class assignments.
Apply creativity to work
get a costume or picture
I have an amazing photo of the bird im researching for my blog.