Hello! My name is Charlot. Our class website is, here . I love diving, swimming, playing tennis, and hanging out outside with friends and going places with my friends and family. I have the cutest niece in the whole wide world. I also have the most hyper dog you will ever meet(he is a jack russel terrior) his name is Filos and he is cute. This is my first year with Miss Baker and I am looking foward to all the interesting experiments we will be doing in furure classes. Well that's all folks. Bye =)
Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
•I will use crdible sources to find my information.
•i will hyper-link my websites that i recieved my information from.

I referenced my information by using hyperlinks. All my articles had shown studies and facts to back the information up.
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
•I can find information on websites and and make sure its accurate, by finding multiple sources about the same topic and see if the facts are the same. •Also i will make a worksited for my information.
I did find multiple sources to prove that my information was found in more than one place. The facts match up and there were a multiple amount of studies done on the same topic and there results all were close to the same outcome.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
•I will hyper-link my information from the website i got it from.
•I will find pictures that are aproved to use by the owner.
•Find information from that website and refere to similar websites so i have back up information to back up my facts and findings.

I did hyperlink and i linked photos and videos. I have other websites that show more facts about the topic and the facts are very similar and basically the same.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
I will get it approved by my classmates and maybe even other teachers to make sure that my facts and information are crdible.
•Link other websites to the original websites so i have back up information and more crdible sources to refere back to.
•I will have people comment on my sources.

Yes my facts and data where approved by my classmates and my teacher. People did comment on my sources and i have hyperlinks to other websites to back up my facts and foundings.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
•I will find contact with a biologist who has done an expariment or written an artical on my topic and ask for advice and maybe some suggestions on how i can improve.
I found and contacted a biologists to help me and answer my questions on this topic.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
• I will comment on my classmates pages and maybe give them suggestion and they can give me advice and suggestion as well.
• I can find ideas and refere to there pages for help and they can do the same to me.

I commented and gave pheonixia suggestions on her article and she gave me advice and feedback on my article in return as well.
Discuss in-class assignments
• I will tell people in my class and the teacher about my sources and present them.
• I will read them my comments on my page and comments i have made.
• Show them hyperlinks and see how the websites relate and have simalar information

In chapter 11 in my biology text book it tells you alot about cancer. It talks about lung cancer, Leukemia(cancer of the blood), liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer. the dogs in my article usually detect all of these types of cancers. I also have other hyperlinks to different websites to find more ionformation on this topic.
Apply creativity to work
• I will use pictures that i have taken for proof
• I will write interesting facts and cool colors to attract the readers eye.

Yes i did include pictures and a very helpful video so the reader can get a more specific understanding of my topic by showing the viewers how the study was done and how the dogs presented there results to the scientists. i did use attractive colors so the readers would look and attract ther eye, so they would read my article and blog post.
Dogs Sense Cancer Scents
****trained household dogs****
in three weeks to be able to tell the difference between the scent of the breath of healthy people and the breath of people with cancer. In other studies, trained dogs were able to pick out patients who were healthy from those who had other cancers such as bladder cancer and melanoma, a skin cancer. In this recent study, the dogs were able to sniff out breast cancer and lung cancer to prove to the scientists that the cancer diagnosis that came back positive gave off a certain scent.

This method can be more useful sometimes to tell early stages of cancer. The dogs can sniff out the scent on a human’s breath even when doctors today can’t tell because it is too early. The dogs were observed as they sniffed at the test tubes which contained air exhaled from people with and without cancer. The people who were observing the dogs were not told which test tubes belonged to the healthy and unhealthy patients. As the dogs sniffed out the test tubes with cancer they would sit or lay down in front of that station which contained the test tubes with cancer. The dogs were accurate between 88% and 97% of the time. You can watch the
****video****on this study to have better understanding. ****Picture****

What types of cancer do dogs sniff out, and how do they go about doing it?

How do the dogs tell the scientists if the patient is positive or negative for cancer?

Some Suggestions
This blog is very AWESOME!!!
There is a few spelling mistakes:
Expirament was spelled wrong, but I think I gave you the correct spelling ,but you might want to check it out.
The name of your dog and of your science teacher should be capitalized, also that's is a contraction of that is , so therefore it needs an apostrophe,like I showed you.
I think you need commas after:
In other studies
In this recent study
Another suggestion,but do not take my word for it because I am not very good at this:
Instead of This can be more useful sometimes...maybe you can say Sometimes this method can be more useful...; It is just a suggestion .
​Also there should be an I before am in your first paragraph , the sentence that contains Miss Baker .
Red Means definite errors!!!!!
Another suggestion might be to make the font in your paragraph a bit bigger.
As I said before this is a very good article on a subject that I personally did not know about ,which is cool every now and then ; I also enjoy your video on it.
Thanks for the suggestions,they are very helpful!!!!!-Phoenixia