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Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to
evaluate sources of
biology information on
the internet

By ensuring that all of my post and comments
include citations of only reputable sources. I
will also provide constructive criticism to
my peers when necessary. I will be more
optimistic when using websites that end
with .edu or .org.
I have evaluated the following websites for Jennifer:

These websites were credible as they included several strong sources, dates, and authors.
I ensured that these websites met the guidelines hereI evaluated these websites for Teddy:

These websites all met the guideline here,as they include timely dates of
publication, authors. All of the information in these sources was attributed to
reputable organizations.
Demonstrate an ability
to read and understand
current biology news
By evaluating research accounts and news
articles with a non-biased perspective. I will
look up unfamiliar words and reread information
that appears to be unclear.
I did not know what an anadromous fish was so I looked it up.
I learned that they live in freshwater and breed in the ocean.

In my Race in Science post, I checked out some of the other blogs who
talked about this session to make sure that
I had captured the purpose of her session. I did this
just in case if some things discussed were over my head or I just
didn't pick them up, I could be informed.

This is one of the websites I checked out prior to publishing my post.
Demonstrate proper
use of online resources

I will attribute all information/media correctly. I will use
information in my post and comments that convey
the information that it was mean to convey. I wont
spin information in my favor or just to get some
information because it sounds good.
I properly used the following websites in my Race in Science post:

I added a picture of Danielle Lee, lead moderator of the session that
inspired my post (Race in Science). I also informed her that I
would be writing a post inspired by her session at Science
Online. I told her that I would be pulling background information/media from her
website to enhance my post.

I also used a poll get an idea of how people responded to my post.
This was an applicable feature.

In the blog header I designed, I only used graphics/pictures that were
designed by me or taken by Miss Baker.
Publish work that is
available for peer-review
I will make constructive (never destructive) comments
to help improve the respective post/comments. I will
also try to provide additional sources for peer review
to expand on things that need elaboration.
In writing this post, I purposely sparked a topic that could
receive review because it is somewhat controversial. It has already received
30 comments in it's first month, largely because of its thought provoking

I also announced my site on Twitter and used my google webmaster tools to
announce it on google using meta tags. It has remained in the top 5 of Google's search results
Discuss published work
with a practicing biologist
in that particular field

Perhaps, I can share my posts and other post with
Biologist who also have websites. I can make
comments on other blogs as opposed to exclusively
ours. As such, I will expand my knowledge in Biology.
In this comment I asked Danielle Lee to respond to my post
inspired by one of her sessions.

I also emailed Bora Zivkovic and informed him of a post I wrote about
a session I attended at Science Online '09. I asked him to check it out and
perhaps even make a comment if he wished. He emailed be back and informed
me of the invalidity of Frank's comment.I then conveyed the same information
in a later comment on my post.

I also made a comment on Ideonexus' Blog

I contacted Erich Jarvis, of Duke University. He is an
African-American neurobiologist who has many significant accomplishments
I sent him several questions to be added to my post.
Provide constructive
peer-review to
I will make useful comments to my peers. I will try to
provide suggestions instead of mere criticism. I will try
my best to make my comments non-condescending.
I made several comments in regard to Frank's, Charles' and Andy's.
I continuously explained some of the invalidities of their suggestions.

These comments can be found here:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

I critiqued Ian's comment regarding
President-Elect Obama's remarks
about Science Education. I reminded him
that he shouldn't speak on behalf of the
whole country without facts.

I also critiqued the comment provided by Jihad regarding
periodontal disease in this comment. I explained how
the disease he was mentioning was not only restricted to
horses as he stated that it was.

In this comment,I evaluated the information in Jenna's
post and made a pertinent comment to the post.
I also linked to the another study that conveyed
the same information.

In this comment, I congratulated Jennifer on her post and
noted that all of the sources she used met the guidelines.

I made a comment to Skye's post about periodontal disease.
I also added a few more facts to the post enhance it a bit.
Discuss in-class

I will try to relate my post and comments to class discussions.
As such, I will broaden the knowledge of my class mates and
In this post brought back the topic of the in-existence of race.
In class, we spent nearly a week discussing this topic. Therefore,
I thought It would be appropriate to base my post on.

In this comment I discussed the class wide assignment
to take this evaluation and how its results were accurate and
legitimate. I tried to make sense out of the test instead of
thinking in a narrow minded manner.
Apply creativity
to work
I will incorporate videos, pictures, and media into my post.
This will appear more attractive to visitors and peers who
enjoy creative alternatives to learning. It also keeps my work
I applied creativity to my post on Race in Science
by creating this pole for others to participate in.

I designed a brand new header for the blog, for which Miss Baker said I'd receive
creativity points

My Name is Brandon Greer.

I like to sing, play piano, and watch TV.

I like all genres of music and enjoy comedy movies.

In my spare time, I like to design websites and do Graphic Design.

I like Biology because your learn some very interesting facts about life.

What is smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

"Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is found in a variety of cell types and it serves different functions in each. It consists of tubules and vesicles that branch forming a network. In some cells there are dilated areas like the sacs of rough endoplasmic reticulum. The network of smooth endoplasmic reticulum allows increased surface area for the action or storage of key enzymes and the products of these enzymes. In the case of smooth endoplasmic reticulum in muscle cells, the vesicles and tubules serve as a store of calcium which is released as one step in the contraction process. Calcium pumps serve to move the calcium."


Notes for 1-2-2008

By 1840, Darwin worked out major features of a theory based on his observations for the journey
He found out that Alfred Russell Wallace had the same theory about natural selection
Two main points of evolution
Present day orgranisms are descendants of ancestral species that are different form the moden species
The main mechanism for this evolutionary process is natural selection

Genetic variation
Overproduction of offspring
struggle for existence
differential survival and reproduction
natural selection cannot give you what you need
it can only select from what is already there