Student Expectations
How Will I Meet This Expectation?
How Did I Meet This Expectation?
Demonstrate ability to evaluate sources of biology information on the internet
  • I will use crediable sources that are displayed on this website.
  • I will critique on other sources on the wiki to see if the source present is crediable or not.
  • I can also use sources that are crediable like and not sources that are not crediable like wikipedia
Science Daily
Steven Spielberg
Rutgers Life Science Web
Video games are good for you (ABC Science)

Science Diary

My Sources:
University of Southamption
Medical News- People Communicating Through Thought
Demonstrate an ability to read and understand current biology news
  • I will read many current biology articles and that are relivant in the world today.
  • I will also use hyperlinks on my blog post to make sure that other people can see where I got my current news story from.
  • The articles that I have were less than a year old when they were published. They were also related to biology.
  • The sources that I used are clearly hyperlinked in the blog post. People can access the news articule any time.
Demonstrate proper use of online resources
  • The things that I write on my blog post will have many hyperlinks throughout the post.
  • I will use creative commons images on my page so that viewers can get a better visual of my topic.
  • I will use my own pictures that I created
  • I will make sure that the information that I find on the web is related to the topic I am talking about.
  • I have demonstrated proper use of online resources by using approved sources.
  • The sources I have used are hyperlinked throughout the post.
  • I have used a creative commons picture using google, but I didn't use any pictures I took.
  • The infomation I found from the internet are relevant to the topic that I am talking about.
Publish work that is available for peer-review
  • I will edit and comment on my classmates work and in return they can give me feedback and also comment on my post.
  • I will check other people's work by looking for grammer errors.
  • I will look at other people's crediable sources and give my opinion on whether that source is crediable or not.
  • I will look at their pictures to see if they are creative commons images or not to make sure they are not stealing someone else's picture.
  • I edited Jesse's and Lionel's post by checking for grammer mistakes, and creative commons pictures. The pictures were all creative commons pictures because the link sent me to Flickr and it said below the picture "some rights reserved."
  • I gave some of my classmates advice on how to make their posts more successful.
  • I also looked for hyperlinks on their post as well, to see if the sources they used are valid and are reliable. Most of the sources that I checked were crediable.
Discuss published work with a practicing biologist in that particular field
  • I will attempt to engage the biologist in a long and intrecate conversation.
  • I can help them with their blog post before they are published on Ms. Baker's website.
  • I have emailed Igor Iruretagoyena, a practicing neurolgoist from the Universidad Centra de Venezuela. He has a Ph. D, which shows that he is a true proffiesional.
  • I have foward my message to Dr. Igor Ituretagoyena to Ms. Baker to check and see if my message was appropiate.
Provide constructive peer-review to classmates
  • I will reject to decline any source that I feel is not crediable.
  • I will review other people's blog's if they want me to reivew it for them.
  • I will try to relate my blog post with other people in my class and compare their own work with mine.
  • I rejected many sources I felt weren't appropiate to be used like Wikipedia and ESPN. They were not crediable and I felt they couldn't be used for their post.
  • I reviewed Lionel's and Jesse's post and in return they reviewed my post. We checked eachothers post for grammer mistakes and also how to make our papers's sound better.
  • We compared eachothers work by examming what are my paper's strenghts and what are my peers papers strengths and how they were affective in the post.
Discuss in-class assignments
  • I will try to make the blog post relative to disccusions/topics that we had in class.
  • My comments could also be relative to the discussions that we had in class.
  • Evolution and Natural Selection over time were able to shape the brain and how powerful it is. It relates to my science blog if people can communicate through thought now, how long ago did humans have this ability?
  • I will try to relate my comments on others people's to the subjects we are learning in class.
Apply creativity to work
  • I will try to apply my own music and a video from youtube to the post.
  • I will use a creative commons picture to give the post a better visual.
  • I found a video on YouTube of a demonstration of people doing the experiment. It is relevant because I explained the experiment in my post and now viewers are getting a visual of this experiment.
  • I used one of my own picture of Alec and I because twins are the perfect example of possible people who can communicate through the power of thought alone.

Hi, my name is Adam. And I'm one of the students participating in Ms. Baker's biology class. My hobbies include sports, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and also I like to watch the Indianapolis Colts games on Sunday. My favorite class in school is science. It has always been my favorite subject in school and because of Ms. Baker's wiki page she made, I am able to share my love for science in a very fun way.
I also like to make Hip-Hop/Rap songs on my spare time using various music making programs. You can follow my music on MySpace and Facebook by searching for ADzMAN. Music is anohter one of my favorite things to do and releases most of my emotions I've been feeling lately whether that's sad, angry or happy. One day I hope to be a successful music producer and hopefully change the genre of Hip-Hop forever. As I end my narrative, I hope that I will accomplish a lot of things in science class and also have a really great year with Ms. Baker!

external image m_6e53b40669914454a8490e64d430055c.jpg

This is a picture of my favorite colts player Bob Sanders. And at the bottom of Bob Sanders is a picture of ADzMAN. The video below is a video of the Colts highlights in 2008!! .


Is It Possible To Communicate Through the Power of Thought?
By Adam Freudenstein

“Do you guys want to play some football?” My heart jumped and I immediately said, “Yeah let’s play!” A group of sixteen of my friends marched onto the field and we selected our teams. My twin brother, Alec, was one of the captains and he picked me first. All of my friends were looking at us puzzled. Alec and I are not the best football players, but we certainly make a great team. We’ve been throwing and catching the football since we were seven years old. Alec ran up to me before the play started and said, “I want you to play quarterback this drive. My arm doesn’t feel that strong today.” I took my position at quarterback feeling very uncomfortable. Whenever Alec and I play football together, I am always the receiver and he is always the quarterback. That’s just the way it is.
Before I took the snap, I had a funny feeling that Alec was trying to tell me something. Not verbal communication or any facial expression or signal; whatever it was, I knew that he wanted the deep ball. So I called hike and the ball was snapped to me and I threw the ball as far as I could. The defense looked back, only to see that my brother Alec caught the ball with nobody contesting him. He leaped into the end zone and we celebrated our touchdown. “Wow!” said Victor. “You guys are an amazing team, it’s like you guys used some kind of twin telepathy on that play. It’s amazing how you knew that the deep ball was going to be there, you didn’t even tell each other it was coming."
Stories like this are quite common amongst twins and it got me thinking about the possibility of brain-to-brain communication (B2B). Is it possible for humans to communicate through the power of thought alone? Currently, people can communicate with brainwaves using Brain-Computer interfacing (BCI) is used to control devices such as computers, and virtual reality environments with the power of thought. For instance, people who are paralyzed can used their brain waves to run a wheelchair or use a computer. This technology that they use is (BCI) and it captures brain signals and turns them into commands.
Dr. Christopher James, from the University of Southampton in the UK, is from the institute of Sound and Vibration Research. Dr. James is part of University of Southampton’s Brain-Computer Research Program, which combines biomedical engineering and clinical sciences. This allows the advancement of neurophysiologic tools and systems, for example, thought controlled wheelchairs. He has expanded on BCI technology and attempted an experiment where technology could make brain-to-brain communication a reality.
The first person is attached to EEG scalp electrodes. Their brain activity can be captured through an EEG amplifier, which is then sent off to the computer and sent over the Internet to a second subject. The person is sending a series of binary numbers (from 0-1) by imagining moving their left hand to represent zero and their right hand to represent one. Person number two is also attached to an EEG amplifier, but the difference is that their computer is receiving, through the Internet, the binary numbers, not sending them. An LED light flashes at two different frequencies, one for zero and another for one. The computer is able to decipher the brain waves that person two is generating when they see the flashing LED light whether a zero or one was transmitted. This second user doesn’t know which number was transmitted, but despite that, the information can still be recovered. As you watch this experiment, you will realize that this experiment truly shows brain-to-brain communication.


1) Do you think this experiment represent real brain-to-brain communication? Why or why not?
2) Could more complex information instead of just zeros and ones be transferred using this method? Why or why not?

I have heard that telepathy has existed but i never knew it could be dont through brain signals. That is very interesting which makes it sound fake. I think that there should be a few more tests ran before a scientist makes a final decision. I have a slighty better idea toward telepathy existing now and this blog is very well put together. Good job Adam.

Adam, this is a very good topic. This is also a topic portrayed a lot in movies with superheroes, etc. I personally think telepathy does exist, but not with the sole power of a human being. I think there would be another gadget involved. This post has a very good video which shows a very good experiment (although it should be run a few more times). Don’t forget to add a few questions at the end of your blog, double check your picture to make sure that it is a creative commons picture, also double check your grammar ALWAYS. This has the potential to be an amazing post. Make sure you tighten anything up that needs to be tweaked and you’re on your way to a great post.